Cleric of Hermes/Mercury


Strength – 9; Intelligence – 7; Wisdom – 16; Dexterity – 11; Constitution – 12; Charisma – 13

AC – 5

HP – 8

Chain Mail (Worn); Caudaceus (Hand); Mace, Heavy (Belt); Backpack (Back); 4 Days Rations (Backpack); Tinder Box (Backpack); 3 Torches (Backpack); Waterskin (Belt);

GP – 11 (Backpack)

Alignment – Neutral


Cadmus is a cleric of Hermes. He seeks to honor Hermes and his fellow men by setting an example of wordly travel, martial fitness, thoughtful exchange of ideas, and fair arbitration. To Cadmus, men have lived under the shadow of the Dark Ages for far to long. He is beginning his career in adventure hoping to set an example for others. He strives to live in the image of the old gods. Perhaps one day, he will play some small role in turning the tide against these dark times…


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