Bill Carter

A large, plain, strong man


STR: 19/53 INT: 7 WIS: 6 DEX: 9 CON: 15 CHA: 13

AC: 4 (Banded Mail) HP: 11

Weapons: Bastard Sword Heavy Warhammer Light Warhammer Dagger

And a handwritten full page of equip.


Bill Carter grew up in the city. He was originally destined to be a blacksmith. From an early age he worked in the blacksmith’s shop at the armory. When he reached the proper time, the blacksmith who he had been working with contacted his guild and found him a suitable Master Smith to train Bill, for he was too busy making weapons and armour for the state, and he already had an apprentice of his own. On the way to his new home, Bill and his traveling companions were waylaid by bandits. After a month of slave labor, Bill moved up in there pitiful “society” and started banditeering himself. Bill chose to use a hammer in combat. After about a year and a half in the bandit’s camp, the camp was captured by the army of the state, and the bandits were conscripted into service. Because of a lack of proper weapons, Bill’s commanding officer ordered him to continue fighting with the hammers he had always fought with. However, in his first battle, Bill lost his mighty hammer and was unable to find another suitable weapon. So Bill grabbed a rock from the ground and threw it at a man’s head, killing him. Bill took his bastard sword and dagger and, with a little difficulty, fought out the rest of the battle with them. After the battle, Bill was able to get his hammers back. During the war, Bill earned the rank of sergeant, however, he left the service to return to his former life. Bill traveled to Enonia to seek the master he never had, however, the blacksmith had already taken another apprentice, and Bill was turned out. Bill traveled to the nearby keep, and after giving his rank, was allowed to stay the night. The next morning, Lord Marshall Roen talked with Bill, and Bill entered into his service.

Bill Carter

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