Darius is an eager young Cleric of a rather radical faction of the Church of the Light. He's anxious to prove himself in battle against the darkness.


Studded Leather + shield, carries a roughly carved staff and a light mace.

Darius is of average height. Long dark hair, somewhat unkempt, frames a narrow face with piercing blue eyes. He is generally quiet, though he does not shrink from argument. The Light has taught him to be hard on himself, and he has the air of a man trying desperately to live up to his own expectations.


The Confessions of Darius, Cleric of the Light

Late winter, Enonia

I became caught up in the spirit of adventure—destroy evil and reap the reward! When we found the inn’s treasure, I gave no thought to it’s rightful owners. What’s worse, I even suggested a way that we might avoid paying Enonia’s taxes on the find. Dul argues convincingly that avoiding the tax is for the greater good, since we will have more money to give to Enonia’s craftsmen and shopkeepers. But what of the lamplighters, night-soil men, and others paid by the city? And, as the city itself surely pays into the Royal coffers, what of the king’s roads and the soldiers defending our borders? I am not saying that Dul is wrong necessarily, but now that I know the force of greed within me, I must be on guard against it. The Good of the Light must always be my greater goal.

New Year, Enonia

I am ashamed of my behavior in combat. In the thick of battle, I had the choice to heal either myself or my comrade. Instead of giving my all to defend another’s life, I coldly calculated our chances of survival and decided that healing my own mortal frame was the better investment. This was wrong in spirit, and as it turns out, wrong in fact as well. Despite my healing, both of us were brought down. I was rescued—barely. My companion, however, suffered worse wounds. The Light itself intervened and spared him, I think. It was certainly none of my doing, though I am grateful for it. I have acted neither wisely nor well this day, but perhaps my near-death experience has paid for my sins somewhat. I am inexperienced yet, but I will learn.


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