Gina the Gypsy


Gina is a bard who works for no one but herself and has done well enough to hire two bodyguards to keep her safe. Gina is a gypsy, a journey-woman bard free to travel the lands of the Kingdom often traveling between music festivals and fairs. Gina both exotic and wise, sings songs, tells fortunes, and performs other services as well. Recently she has taken an interest in Enonia where she has performed thought the many fine establishments like the Mug and Pot and Conjurer and Duchess.

Recently she sang the hit song “The Lost Legion” at the Conjurer and Duchess. “The Lost Legion” tells the story of the last ride of a group of the King’s Legion who rode off northeast into the Darkwoods and were never seen again, aside from one lone survivor who was sorely wounded and died at the gates of Enonia. In the song, before he dies, the lone survivor describes a stream that they had followed from the Dalewoods bridge, until they met with death, “sure and quick and screaming, the hordes descended upon the brave men.”

Izil the fighter has taken a particular interest in her but her armed thugs made it clear that she appreciates your attention but she is not not really interested in Izil…yet.




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