Böræn Chieftan of the Wolf Tribe, Priest of Mesha

Barbarian who after years of wandering has found his revenge


A large barbarian from the north, Böræn is a figure an internal conflict. One side of him is the rage-fueled Barbarian who seeks to revenge the wronged, the helpless, and those unable to help themselves. On the other hand, Böræn has found Mesha, a goddess who at times confuses him, but has brought him purpose.

Standing at 6’8” he is powerfully built, and his time on the tundra and mountains has chiseled his muscular frame into what it is today. His eyes marked him as touched by his tribe’s god in that one is blue and the other is green.

At 30 years Böræn has seen much, and he wears his experiences on his face. Serious, moody, and quick to anger, Böræn thinks of only one thing: fighting the growing evil. He has time for nothing else.


From an early age, Böræn Was destined for great things. His mother was from the Sword Clan which all the tribes feared for their skills in battle. His father was of the Axe Clan, and from an early age he was drilled in the arts of war, so quick was he in learning how to fight, Böræn was hunting alone before he reached the age of 10.

From the Wolf Tribe and the son of the tribe’s chieftain, Böræn knew that he was destined to lead his people. Yet things changed, and events forced him to feel his people.

Böræn‘s mother was found dead and this death rocked the tribe deeply. When Böræn‘s father quickly announced he would marry again, something did not sit right with the youth.

Learning that his step-mother and his father were behind the murder, and seeing that the tribe was slow lying being corrupted, Böræn went to confront his father. Böræn was too slow, however, and the blame of his mother was placed on him.

Fleeing Böræn took the weapons of the Chieftain so that his father could no longer corrupt them, and made his way south.

Now, seven years later Böræn has found a purpose in his life. This purpose is to return to the north and avenge his mother’s death and rescue his tribe from the evil paths they walk.

Böræn Chieftan of the Wolf Tribe, Priest of Mesha

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