Ja'Kar the Iron Staff

A monk from a fighting order who is discovering the balance has shifted to far to Chaos.


Ja’Kar is a warrior monk. His order is one that believes in keeping all things in balance. He left the monastery because of a vision. That vision was the world tilting to far into decay and darkness. As a warrior, he felt it was the duty of his monastery to live up to their tenants. Those tenants is simple: the balance most be maintained at all times. They disagreed, and so Ja’Kar left.

Ja’Kar is having a bit of a crisis of late. He feels that he is out of balance and the fulcrum his life was built upon no longer applies. The world is to dark. It is decaying too much. He feels that he needs to choose a side, and strangely the side he is choosing is one seeing him more active.

Coupled with this is the vision he had of the goddess Mesha. He does not know who she is, but he feels a connection to her.

Ja’Kar has left the title Drunken Fist, and instead seeks to embrace a new role. That role is more like the water. Water flows, adapts, and is strong. Perhaps Ja’Kar is now like the water. Only time will tell.

Ja'Kar the Iron Staff

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