Taron the Almost but not Quite
Height 5’7 Weight 150 Age 40
Hair: Greying Brown. Eyes: brown and tired

Str 8
Dex 7
Con 11
Int 14
Wis 11
Cha 10

AC 10
HP 4


Common, Elf, Halfing, Orc, Goblin


Taron was the man that was almost, but not quite. At an early age, Taron began and struggled with his magical studies. Things did not progress as quickly as his teacher thought they would. While Taron was perhaps the hardest working student that his teacher had ever seen, for some reason Taron seemed to almost understand his lessons, but just not quite. Unfortunately, while Taron obviously worked hard, magic could not be his only devotion. With both his parents dying when he was still young, Taron had to take care of his brother and sister. His younger brother was a natural warrior and his sister was a remarkable singer. Instead of focusing on his own studies, Taron worked and made sure that his brother and sister received every opportunity to make their mark in the world. And they did. His brother became a distinguished adventurer and his sister a well-known bard. To his friends and family back in his hometown, Taron is known as the failed brother of his family. With his family provided for, Taron was able to return and study magic once again. At the age of 40, Taron cast his first spell, which meant it took him longer than any of his mentor’s students to cast a single spell, a mere 35 years. While others have questioned why his teacher continued to meet and teach Taron, his teacher continues to feel that Taron still has something left to offer the world. Taron should have finally had time to continue his studies, but shortly after his achievement, Taron’s community was raided. Taron felt he had to once more stop his studies. So at the age of 40, Taron abandoned everything once more to help his friends and family.


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