Acolyte of the Goddess Artura


Class: Cleric
Alignment: Lawful
hp: 8
AC: -1
Lvl: 1
Age: 26
Height: 5’10"
Weight: 195
Sex: Male
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue

Str: 11 (To Hit: 0, Damage: 0, Encumbrance: 0, Minor Test: 1-2, Major Test: 2)
Dex: 18 (Surprise: +3, Missile To Hit: +3, AC: -4)
Con: 10 (HP: 0, Major Test: 80, Minor Test: 75)
Int: 9 (Add. Languages: 1)
Wis: 15 (Mental Save: +1, Bonus Spells: 2/1)
Cha: 9 (Max. Henchmen: 4, Loyalty: 0, Reaction: 0)

Wikton believes actions speak louder than words, and prefers to lead by example. He is convinced that blunt, direct solutions are the best way to “hammer out” problems.


Wikton’s father was a hunter that tried to teach his trade to his son. However, although the young lad was nimble and quick, he always had a feeling that killing innocent creatures with a bow and arrow was wrong, and he gravitated instead towards blacksmithing, eventually becoming an apprentice. As a teen, he met a travelling priest named Yereso that followed a strange religion, the worship of Artura, goddess of blacksmiths and all other skilled artisans, who charges her flock with spreading such skills far and wide, and promotes the building and creating of things to improve humanity. Wikton decide to devote himself to Artura, and with his father’s inheritance he bought the best armor and hammers he could afford, then went on the road, travelling from village to village as Yereso had.

Years later, he joined up with a pair of fellows named Fergus and Balto, as they were all heading south. When they were passing through Lord Winright’s territory, his guards offended Wikton by demanding tolls that were unconscionable to him. Any tolls restrict travel for artisans, and thus go against Artura’s mandate, and these were extravagant. After the guards went on to insult both the cleric’s religion and Balto’s entire race (littleling), Wikton decided the time had come to beat them with a hammer until they left him alone. He commanded one of them to flee using a spell, but before the fight could start in earnest, Fergus and Balto stepped in to stop him, and Wikton was taken to trial.

Before Lord Winright, Wikton let him know in no uncertain terms just exactly how he felt about his tolls, and was sentenced to imprisonment in the dungeon, where he remains to this day. Wikton believes that he is in the right place, and that Artura wants him to stay in this area until he can find a way to allow the people here to worship as they wish (which Lord Winright forbids.)


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