Atacia Mansion

To the west of Skalfier, along the coastline, the ruins of a stately mansion can be seen sitting at the edge of the cliffs facing the ocean.

Nael looks at Drurand first, but upon getting no reaction, he half turns around so he can talk and drive the cart at the same time.

“Father used to tell stories of the people who used to live here and in Ramathia before… well… before.

So there was this great fighter, he even had the title of Marshall, he was so great, and his name was Marshall Atacia. He was supposed to have won a lot of battles in the Ramathian arena and then as one of the Kings Legions. He was very rich and powerful, and he had a beautiful wife and a family. He built a mansion for them on the coastline near Skalfier.

So his children were attending university somewhere in the kingdom and his wife was somewhere way far away east when the Doom happened. And his family was killed. So he supposedly was mad and cursed the goddess that he had followed and she got mad, so she raised a huge storm to destroy his mansion and what was left burned in a strange fire. He was never seen again. It’s supposed to be a cursed place.

Everyone says that no matter how mighty you are, even like Atacia, you can end up alone if you curse the gods too much. But everyone knows that the Light is stronger than all those old gods anyway. So yea, that’s the story."

Jonesa’s eyes widen a bit. "Oh, the old Atacia mansion. Such a sad story. That mansion was built by old Elmergar Atacia. He had such a lovely wife, Isabel and when the earthquakes and such hit the lands, she was lost – never heard from again. It was some time, he held out for a few years hoping she would return to him, but she never did and he hired some strange wizard to determine that she was indeed dead. "

“He was beside himself and cursed the Sea Goddess that had favored him. I’ll never forget that storm – such a horrible storm that swept by Skalfier, leaving it untouched, but it ravaged that poor mansion and he was never seen again. A few folks went to see what remained but I never heard anything else except that a strange creature lived there now – said to be a monster left by the Sea Goddess.”

Atacia Mansion

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