Skalfier Shops and NPCs

Skalfier Shops and NPCs


  • Temple [Walled City – corner of Arrow/Trumpet ]
    Priest Otollum – High Priest of Skalfier Temple
    Emissary Deneb – One of the Holy Lights, visiting Skalfier
    High Curate Maria – healer and priest
    Curate Gorgines
    Acolyte Brianinov

  • Merchants Guild [Walled City – Main/Merchant]
    Marceau, troubleshooter
    Wesley, Guild Journeyman
    Leland, Guild Master
    Ulrich, Guild Master
    Kellina, Guild library clerk

  • Fletcher/Bowyer [Westedge Neighborhood] – Waqqas – fletcher, Shaya Mrabet – bowyer, married.
  • Jeweler [Northedge Neighborhood] – Cal Linion
  • Harness Makers [Westedge Neighborhood] – Myak Karun w/Apprentice Deedee Rogdon -
  • Stables [Walled City – corner of Banesedge and Shield] – Tallow – stablemaster, Raymon – stablehand


  • Notebana [Dawnsedge Neighborhood] – littleling scholar and part-time adventurer.
  • Jeseves [Dawnsedge Neighborhood] – manservant to Notebana
  • Hubbard – Captain of the Town Watch
  • Jon and Algrood – long time watch-men on the Town Watch
  • Thom – gambler who hangs out at Captain’s Quarters

Skalfier Shops and NPCs

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