Wargames in the Dark Ages

The Dark Ages campaign spans a landmass that is roughly the size of Russia. With seven duchies, a central kingdom and two demi-human populations, plus the rise of Chaos and the Bestial races (Orcs, Goblyns and Ko-balds), this inevitably leads to WAR!

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I use the following games and scales:
Skirmish (100 – 1000 troops, 1:10 scale): Book of War
Mass Combat – Large scale: Chaos Wars, HOTT, One Hour Wargames

The wargames I play take place in the same time within the campaign world. There have been several battles and campaigns that have (and will) directly affected the players – and player actions have affected the battle!
Battle of McGillicuddy’s Farm | The Battle of Yew | Assault on the Orc Fort

With that last link – Assault on Orc Fort – I merged mass combat (Book of War) and tabletop RPG play in the same session and it was a lot of fun!

Wargames in the Dark Ages

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