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Welcome! This wiki is created for the players of “The Dark Ages” setting. This is a post-apocalypse, fantasy world with magic, dark evil and riches/rewards waiting for any brave enough to adventure for it. This setting current hosts two campaigns: The Eastern Borders Campaign and The Southern Seas Campaign.

I invite you to read the Background for The Dark Ages and the writeup on the town of Enonia or Skalfier, which are the “homebases” for the PCs and adventures.

This campaign currently has several groups participating in it: two tabletop groups that meet two to three times a month each (Eastern Borders) and an online group using Google Wave (Southern Seas).

If you are interested in playing, please check out the email list for future game dates. You can contact me if you are interested in playing a certain date – all games are scheduled by the players.

Online Players – please reference the Google Wave link for up to date information.

DM: Chgowiz

System: AD&D 1st edition and OSRIC (1st Edition AD&D compatible – see the Players Handout for more information.)

Houserules document can be found here.