The Chronicles of Etinerra

10 Apr 09 - Travelogue from Aramin

The Travel Logue of Aramin Olbander,

10 Apr 09

It is less than a week before the festival of Summer’s End, and we decide to set out to kill a bridge troll. The intrepid party leaves heavily armed with every piece of war gear we own. There are no less than 10 of us. One Thief to check the way. A cleric to heal the wounded. A wizard to bespell the troll. Two Rangers to Track the way and find the beast and no less than 5 fighters to hack it to death. We go out to where the troll is expected to hide and … We leave the Princess and return to the village, 6 members of our group join her retinue.

Two days later, we travel back to the Monastery of Agix, and explore more of the first sublevel. We take a new large group of adventurers with us. These people are replacements for those who have joined the Princesses retinue.

We are attacked by Goblin Zombies, who seem to be the very same ones we killed as live Goblins a week ago. Ragnar attempts to turn and…fails. We destroy them. We meet another party of Gombies, and defeat them (No help from the supposed cleric again). We find several Skeletons defending an evil Cleric (Worshiper of the Dark Side). We defeat all these beings (Once again, without the help of our “Cleric”). We kill the evil cleric and take his head. There is reason to believe that this was Phaelum’s one time apprentice, Melkrit. We bring back the head as proof that he is dead. I do not know, whether Phaellum will be happy or upset about this, but I figure he needs to know.


P.S. This is Written by Ragnar the aforementioned Cleric. There is no princess! As far as we can tell, the ranger has been charmed by that troll magi. It actually killed the 6 missing members of our party. One was pummeled horribly, and left to bleed out on the field of battle. The other 5 were all frosted by a Cone of Cold (Yes we said Troll Magi). It seems there is no way we can lift the glamour that is on the ranger at this time, so we will just have to stay away from the troll until we are strong enough to try again, of course most of use weren’t there, we don’t really know what happened, we got it all second hand from the Elf woman Kee. I record here the list of the dead of this mercenary group.

Lanosh the Deadly Fighter

Grey Leaf the Dreaded Elven Wizard

Golfrod, Bowman and Strong Arm

Cadmus the Pious One

Adue, always First into Combat

Tolliver the Ever Faithful

Isham, some idiot no one ever heard of…

P.P.S.S. Oh that part where I couldn’t turn the undead… Well I did a lot of important things. I was just overawed by the power of the dark side. I mean, I’m only a newly frocked cleric… It’s not my fault… I tried… No one else turned anything … stop picking on me…


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