The Chronicles of Etinerra

2-15-2009 Pregame Notes

I’ll call Games Plus and see if we can get a table starting at 11am, assuming everyone can be there at 11am. If not, we’ll shoot for 1pm.

We’ll have at least 1 new player (Scott’s littleling) and possibly my wife as well. So that might bring us to 5 (assuming Alex and Rich also can play).

Players are going to determine where they want to go, feel free to edit this note and put your thoughts here.

If you like, please be sure to do an adventure log for 1-24. What do you want to share with other players and prospective new players? It’s up to you guys… I’m not going to do much in the way of “continuity” between games in terms of recaps – that’s up to the adventurers of previous games to share.


Chgowiz mordrin