The Chronicles of Etinerra

A dark trip to the Monastery

Treen's report as told to the Marshall

The group consisting of Alana, Irem, Mazlor, Oliphas, Teela and Treen headed for the Monastery to further explore the depths. As they passed the Northern homesteads they noticed any signs of life. Upon further investigation it seems the inhabitants had packed up and gone. This was not look like a hasty escape but a planned move. We noticed the tower was still present, but now there was a blue haze extending beneath it, we decided not to investigate this further. Some had met the Wizard and while definitely weird, he did not seem an immediate threat.

Reaching the ruins we discovered piles of bones all around. Carefully prodding a pile, it collapsed to reveal a humanoid skull with the mark of the 3 Fingers carved into the forehead. We moved on into the ruins, Mazlor and Alana noticed a definite darkness about the place and the walls seemed different. We headed towards the NE corner of the Monastery. As we moved through I could see blood oozing out of the walls and ceilings dripping onto us. I saw the others covered in boils, but they were all oblivious to this. I even poked Teela to prove it, she was not happy about this! We carried on and as we reached the double corridors there was the sound of something moving. We prepared to defend ourselves and soon a headless corpse came into view. After a long battle it was finally dispatched by Mazlor’s Silver Mace. We suspected that while our normal weapons seemed to impact the corpse they did no real damage. The fight had taken us to the room with the locked wooden door, others noticed that the headless body previously seen there was missing – we knew where he was. Clearly something bad was happening, something was raising the dead………

Mazlor and Alana went off to their special area leaving the rest of us in the room, in here none of the darkness or other effects or illusions were noticed. Unfortunately as we sat and waited four weird worms appeared and attacked us – they had human like faces, ugh. These were quickly killed and after Alana and Mazlor returned we decided to head to the south and the crevice. We quickly set it up and descended to the room below. Interestingly enough all the bones had gone. We headed to the cave where we had previously killed the Ogre to explore it properly. In there we were a little surprised to find the Ogre standing there looking rather mean. Worse still behind him was a strange creature covered in spikes that seemed to be summoning creatures from a pile of bones, there were three hideous things coming out of the ground. Teela and myself fired Magic Missile at the spiked creature and managed to take it down, it fell to the ground and started to burn. It was about this point poor Mazlor discovered that the Ogre’s attack had an added effect, it caused temporary paralysis. We also discovered normal weapons had little effect on these creatures, Holy Water, Oil and silver were all we could use. eventually we killed all the creatures. We noticed the spiked creature was still burning, we tried to put it out with water, nothing happened so we dug around Mazlor’s backpack for some Holy Water. This did the trick, the creature totally disappeared.

Exploring the cave further we saw that there were no other exits, dog size holes were found in the walls that looked like they led to small tunnels. Deciding there was nothing else here we decided to explore the strange tunnel were the water heads uphill. Our rope from the previous visit was still there. Irem went up and moved up the tunnel, suddenly two cross-bow bolts went flying over his head and two heads ducked back behind the corner ahead. Calling back he decided to charge before they could reload. The rest of came up the rope, Teela, Oliphas, myself, Mazlor and Alana. Irem went round the corner and found himself facing more than he bargained for, instead of two cross-bow men he found them guarded by four strange looking goblins with shields and swords. The battle was not too long and they were quickly killed, Teela’s dog Culo, even helped out. After destroying the the goblins’ weapons we moved down the tunnel. After what seemed an age we came to a cave full of stalagmites and stalactites. We move cautiously through these and about 30’ in we found a wide fast flowing river cutting across the middle of the cave. The river was itself about 30’. In the middle of the cave the river did look passable by using the stalactites as hand holds. The first attempt by Teela was quickly ended when she was attacked by two centipede type creatures that were wrapped around one of the stalactites. I cast sleep on them and Teela came back to be healed. The new plan was for Irem to go across with a rope that would help the rest of us, we shone a light on the stalactites around him to spot any more creatures before they bit him.

We were all soon across and about 30’ ahead of us was the cave wall. Two tunnels could be seen N and NE. We decided to take the N one. We had not gone very far when we tripped an alarm wire sound a crude alarm of rocks in cans! We moved back to the cave and decided to defend each of the entrances. We could here movement donw both. Out of the N one came 4 huge rats followed by about 3 strange looking goblins, then out of the NE tunnel came more of them. It quickly became apparent that there were more behind them in each tunnel. The ensuing battle was frightening. I cast sleep on the rats and the others battled the goblins fiercely, however, we seemed to be on the losing end as more kept appearing. Suddenly out of the NE tunnel came two huge goblins followed by an even larger one, carrying a staff. These large goblins were hideaous and covered in boils and sores. As we were beating a retreat I saw the largest goblin point his staff at me. The next thing I knew I was on the other side of the river surrounded by the rest of the group, all of us looking the worse for wear, Oliphas particularly. On the other side the goblins were shouting and jumping up and down. We headed back down the tunnel towards the opening. There were no signs of pursuit, but we didn’t want to take any chances. We made it back to the room under the crevice and climbed back up, as we left that room we did hear some shouting from back in the cavern. We quickly returned to Enonia, even though it was late, nobody wanted to stay outside the city that night.


Good job on the adventure report.
A few minor details:
If I remember correctly, there were 4 creatures rising from the refuse heap behind the undead ogre.
And Teela’s dog is called Cujo, after Stephen King’s story by the same name (I personally think this is an ill-omened name).
I believe the goblin horde from whom we retreated were actually pursuing us, we just happened to be lucky and fast enough to get away.

A dark trip to the Monastery
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