The Chronicles of Etinerra

A new threat!

Grel’s report

It was the 26th day of Summer, Dame Oriole had escaped and we were unsure what to do next. We decided to go see the Sisters to find out if they had discovered anything about those Chaos towers. So, I set off with Beladur, Pyria, Ragar, Mazlor (and Itsy) and I asked Joffrey to accompany us.
On the way Mazlor was looking for a new helper (Meat shield?) and decided we should check out the nearby convent. All was going well until Beladur decided to go visiting the nuns to see if any were looking for some companionship. Apparently, in the middle of the night, he barged in upon a very agitated woman who promptly struck him, and then attempted to catch and possibly bash him into non existence. Fortunately for him, she was exceptionally clumsy and didn’t catch him before he managed to get back to us.
In the morning, when Mazlor requested an apprentice to journey with him, who do you think volunteered? It was her, Shammel was her name. She seems a stout if overly rigorous individual. Her unfortunate clumsiness is sure to be a problem.
So we continued on our way and visited the Sisters. Who do you think was there? It was our old comrade Boraen. He was much changed. He has become a cleric of Misha!
We had a very pleasant conversation with the sisters. They informed us that the Chaos tower was mysteriously built about 300 years ago, but there were no records of the construction. It also seems that Alfred & Gerald were survivors of a group called the ….
After a pleasant dinner, we spent the night, and decided to go see what was going on there. I decided that this time I would be more straight forward, and declare myself and demand answers. It did not go exactly as planned….I proclaimed myself as a Paladin and demanded answers as to the nature of this Chaos. Gerald said he would expect no less from a Paladin of Tangadorin (I had not proclaimed the name of my God), but refused to answer. He shut the door upon me!
Boraen took a more direct approach. He bashed through the door into Alfred’s home and wrestled him to the ground. Alfred managed to break free. They both charged the tower and ran straight thru the doors, almost pulling Joffrey in with them. Then a hideous demon attacked. I charged it with the full fury of Tangadorin, but it disappeared the moment I struck it.
We searched the buildings and found the keys.
After a bit of experimentation, Boraen opened the door. He and Ragar walked through a portal of complete blackness. They returned very shaken. They told us that inside were demons torturing Alfred and Gerald. They allowed them to question Alfred 7 Gerald. They learnt that there are many towers and that Alfred & Gerald were the attendents of this Tower. The towers are a network for “The Master”. “The Master” and the “Dark Ones” are in conflict to enslave the world. Very soon something very bad is coming and the voice of the Master demanded that we serve them, or be destroyed with everyone else.
Boraen stalled and offered to consider.
We took the keys and left, but shortly after , the keys disappeared. Alfred & Gerald had confirmed that Irecia is home to the Dark ones….perhaps we shook investigate.


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