The Chronicles of Etinerra

A slight miscalculation

Grel’s report to Jorann at the Temple

Jorann, it is with a heavy heart that I must report that I have failed your trust in me. When you told me of this awful shape shifter, and confided your belief that the power to sense Chaos, which Tangadorin had bestowed upon me, would be essential in rooting this thing out, I was overjoyed. I was sure that this was an opportunity for me to prove myself to you and to Tangadorin. Yet, I was unworthy. Let me tell you what happened, so that you can properly chastise me.
I reported to the Marshal, as you had instructed me. I went with Beladur, Fergus and Mazlor, along with their faithful servants Wilheim, Josef and Itsy. I brought Joffrey, who seems to be a most sensible fellow. We explained to the Marshal about my ability and how we believed that this creature must be using chaos magic. We came up with the plan to have the Duke’s brother wear his Armor and pretend to be him as he inspected the folk of the keep. The Marshal would make sure that everyone was present and accounted for. I would disguise myself as one of his personal guard, and stay next to him as he walked by everyone in the keep. We made extensive preparations, scattered our friends in strategic locations and set our plan in motion. We walked by everyone, but no one seemed to be of, or using Chaos. However, apparently three guards and one staff member were missing. We had procured a dog to help with our search, so we took it to the staff members quarters and had him follow the scent. It took us down in t the dungeon where The Dame had been kept. Unfortunately, when we told the Marshal to bring everyone out, he had only left two guards on the secret entrance to the tunnels. They were dead, the entrance was unblocked, and the Dame was gone! This is how I have failed you Jorann, I should have been more clear to the marshal that the guards should not be reduced, but I was not.
Godfrey told us that they had decided he was of no further use, and left him. He told us that they were heading south to begin a revolt with Marshal Kelvin. We rushed to the south gate, and I summoned Arion to bear me aloft as I searched for them. Tangadorin drew me to them at once, they were riding hard due south. I tried to signal my friends, but they could not see me. It was clear that they were heading due south and were not going to stop. I barely made it to my friends before Arion was exhausted and disappeared. They had already passed the elvish fort, but I couldn’t pursue them further. We all regrouped at the fort to continue our pursuit. We will get them yet!


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