The Chronicles of Etinerra

A trip out East

(Treen's tale)

A trip out East

Five brave adventurers, Jorann, Kee, Alana, Oliphas and Treen (along with as couple of hirelings and followers) traveled east in search of Jorann’s Holy area. There was also hope of finding the elusive Gold Mine. After stocking up on supplies we headed off braving the sleet and wind. At the end of the first day we found ourselves West of the Inn and made camp in the woods. Two-and-a-half days out of Enonia Oliphas noticed signs of activity on the road and we moved off the road to the South, still heading East. Smoke could be seen rising into the air much further along the road and as dusk fell an orange glow could be seen. In the still air there were some faint sounds heard to the North East.

The next day we came across signs of a battle. Initially, there were small burnt patches, in them pieces of broken pottery. As we moved forward we could see the battle must have grown. Now the charred areas had remains of bodies in them. Investigating these more we found the remains were both Human and Orc, clearly something was odd. Kee and Oliphas went and scouted ahead. They came back and Kee was looking very pale. They described the scene they found some 20 minutes ahead. There was a wall of bodies, several layers deep, forming an arc. Again the bodies were Human and Orc. Kee described them as being as though they were climbing on top of each other. Beyond the wall were random bodies just lying in the grass, Oliphas and Kee suspected they were Damned. Oliphas also determined from the tracks that a large party had been heading East, but then turned
West in a hurry. From the number of bodies seen this was not a case of a couple of patrols running into each other, or something else, this was a large scale encounter.

Deciding this area was not a good place to be we moved onwards. Jorann asked his God’s for guidance and it seemed whichever way we went there would be trouble! Keeping away from the road we followed it and towards the end of the day we found some abandoned farmsteads. We decided to stay in one that looked reasonably safe. During Alana’s watch she saw some creatures lurking around the building. They turned out to be wild dogs who were not particularly afraid of us but did keep their distance. As we where all up by now we thought we could get an early start, however, before we left we investigated the well. As we lowered a container into the darkness it was snatched from our hands and as we moved backwards an ugly spider came quickly out of the well. We raced back to the house looking to back to see there were now two spiders after us. We made it inside Kee and Alana fighting them at the door, Jorann and Oliphas attacking from the windows. Two more spiders appeared from the well and raced to the house. I cast sleep and successfully stopped all of them, allowing the others to finish them off.

Having recovered from the battle, we went back to the well for one last look. Cautiously throwing in a torch and looking in Kee saw something sticking out of the wall. Eventually Kee was persuaded to go down and look more. She brought back a chest, which contained some coins and a book. The book was a diary belonging to the owner of the farmstead. The last entry was two months after Doom. The diary talked about walking dead and the burning of Irecia. The plan for the farmer had been to pack up his family and leave the area, given the skeletons in the yard, we suspected he had been too late. We started out and by noon were in the suburbs of Irecia, in the
distance we could see the towers of the city.

We went from house to house to see what was in them, most of them were empty. Time was moving along and we decided not to go further that day, instead find a place to stay for the night. We found a house that had some fire damage, but was otherwise intact. As we entered we were in a foyer with doors to the North, East and South. The North door led to a living room and what ay have been a study beyond that. This part of the house was open to the outside because of the fire damage the house had taken, The door to the East led to a courtyard and the clerics immediately felt a chill. The courtyard had a dark, dank pool in the middle and stairs leading up to a balcony running around the second floor.

The door to the south led to the dining room and kitchen. In the foyer and dining room we found packed crates. Opening these up we found normal household items but importantly some silverware. We took the three large knives and two forks to for future use. As night fell we decided to make camp in the dining room, barricading the doors. That night we did not get a lot of sleep! Soon there were strange wailing sounds and ice began to creep up the walls to the North and East. A loud banging came from the direction of the foyer and the ice crept up the door. The door shattered and these two creatures, devoid of all light, came into the room. Pointing fingers and wailing they came towards us. It seemed nothing we did could hurt them. Jorann’s hammer appeared to be sucked into the body when he struck them. Oliphas’ brave henchmen struck at them with the long silver forks and these did appear to cause some damage. Oliphas had a mishap with a Molotov cocktail and ended up burning himself. He launched himself at one of the creatures hoping to cause some damage, but the flames we extinguished on contact with the creature. Jorann finally through some Holy Water at one of them and this had the effect of driving it screaming out of the room. Alana followed suit and sent the other one away. Unfortunately Oliphas’ hirelings died. Each was clawed by a creature and while the wounds did not look too bad, it was as though their life flowed out of them, a touch from these creatures is instant death.

We found another house that did not cause any strange feelings in our Clerics and spent the rest of the night there. Next morning we headed towards the gates of Irecia. As we approached we saw that they were open and there was damage to the walls and towers. Smoke or mist was rising from the city. There were bodies everywhere, with piles of them by the walls. Some were just sat propped against the walls and gates, looking a lot like the Damned. Having seen this we turned around and headed West, back to Enonia. This was not a good time to enter the city.

The journey back was relatively uneventful. This time we kept to the North of the road around the area of the glow and battle. The last night we stayed in the woods and Kee had a visit from what we think was a Wood Spirit, but she seems OK, after all it was just a kiss!

We returned to Enonia and when challenged by the guard told him of our journey to Irecia, his eyes got a bit big and his jaw dropped a little! Obviously time for a chat with the Marshall.



Thanks for the tales, both of you!

I always love hearing good stories and go mad when left clueless about what happened at a session.

A trip out East
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