The Chronicles of Etinerra

An Enlightening Visit

The hour was late as Joran arrived at his small home to pray. The outside walls bore evidence of the violence of the past four days – burn marks, broken windows and splashes of paint and rotten vegetables from protesters and thugs. The inside was clean as usual, with Grel and the faithful all having cleaned up. Several were still sleeping in the attic. Grel’s heavy tread could be heard on the floor boards as he moved from window to window, watching for more trouble.

Joran sighed and slipped to her knees, the prayers and chants coming to her mind. “Oh great Tangadorin, All-Seeing…” she began and the crystal that was affixed to the ceiling began to glow. Joran’s prayers faltered; this was not the light of fire, but something else. The light grew brighter, and more bright, and then seemed to detach itself and float down to the ground in front of the kneeling priestess! It grew to human-size and then a glowing body stepped out of it. The light was so bright that Joran had to throw up her arm over her face and look away, but it dimmed a bit and she could glance into it. The light seemed to shine everywhere, and there were no shadows cast. It was soft, and hard at the same time, soothing her wounds from the previous days, and calming to her heart.

A voice spoke – low, melodic. It seemed to drift along the light.

“I … am pleased, Joran. You have done well. You have revealed a darkness that was forming and threatened all that you have worked for in My Name. You have stretched out your hand and removed this darkness and you have even brought My Name to the lips of those who believe in the things that have been created in the name of mortals. Even now, I hear their voices as they talk about Me, wonder about Me, wish to learn more about Me.”

“It is by this, Joran, that you bring Me to Life. Their prayers, their acts, just as your prayers and acts, Grel’s prayers and acts, all these serve to strengthen Me and make Me whole again. They again begin the cycle that brings Me forth and allows Me to share My Knowledge and My Sight. Together, we will continue to shine the True Light forth and reveal all that must be revealed.”

“It is because of this, Joran, that I give you the sight to understand more of My Word as recorded in the book that you have. As you read and learn, you will continue to act for Me, and when you are ready, you will have grown more strong through My strength.”

“Know that I walk with you always. I see you. As you and the others grow stronger, so too will you strengthen those around you. And soon, you will be strong enough to take up the task that is needed… the task that will bring me to the Renewal that you have started. The Renewal of Me.”

“Go forth and see all that is to be seen. Learn all that can be learnt. Do not let the darkness hide the Truth from the hearts of men. Do this in My Name.”

Joran blinks and the light and figure are gone. The tread of Grel can still be heard. Did it happen? Was it just a heartbeat of a dream? Joran rose on shaky legs and walked over to the locked chest that held the holy words. She opened the chest and drew the book out. Flipping open the pages, she turned to a section that had been perplexing her… and it was as if a veil had been lifted, for the words made sense now! With wonder, she began to read, and could tell that she was taking a next step into learning more about Tangadorin and His Plan.


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