The Chronicles of Etinerra

An Unexpected trip to the Monastery

Damn - I missed the battle

As we prepared to aid the Marshall in the battle to take the forts from the Orcs I began to feel this compelling urge to visit the Monastery. At first it was just a thought, but soon it was a a driving force, it took all my resolve to not take off into the night. I had to do something, I had the scroll needed to blow the gate, I had sold my soul for it. Without me there was no-one in the party who could read it. Between the urge to leave and the nightmares of seeing my friends trapped inside the fort, my sleep was non-existent. Clearly I could not be in two places at once and obviously I was going to be at the Monastery, I had to find a solution.

Breakfast came, somewhat of a relief it meant a new day, now to find a solution. Obviously I could not go to the square and boldly ask if there was a Mage who happened to be free and be willing to undertake a risky adventure. However, a few discreet inquiries brought up the name Parabellum. He owned a bookshop but apparently he had magical powers and was tolerated because of the service he provided. I found his shop and entered, an interesting place. The conversation was long, complex, heated at times but came to a fruitful conclusion, Parabellum would go with the group and blow the gates using a fireball scroll in exchange for his own scroll to copy the spell. He takes a third of my soul and gets all the fun.

Leaving the shop I at last feel I have done all I can for my friends. Collecting my belongings and supplies I give into the calling and head to the Monastery. The journey is uneventful. I arrive at the monastery expecting some hustle and bustle, but all in all it is quiet, obviously the main group has gone to aid the attack on the fort and the remainder are guarding the first level….

I enter the building, all is quiet, no voices, no chatter, nothing. Ahead I see a pile of weapons, not stacked in readiness but just there on the floor. As this sickening feeling develops in the pit of my stomach I move forward, still no sounds, more weapons. I move further, more of the same, it is clear the men are gone, nobody is guarding the Monastery.

The desire to move forward recedes, I return to the entrance, it seems both Geas and I know it is pointless for me to move forward on my own. I head back to the city, feeling more scared than when I left.


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