The Chronicles of Etinerra

Another trip to the Monastery

Life of Pyria

There have been strange things happening, the Marshal, Jorann and Mazlor have been having strange dreams. Jorann has been tased by her god to cleanse the stain of the corruption!

The group gathered for the trip to the Monastery in an attempt to close the portal, Myself, Jorann, Sal, Mazlor, Balto, Fergus Ja’Kar and Belador left the town. Everything was normal, the farms deserted, the tower just floating there. When we arrived the camp was still set up, we decided to leave alone, it could be useful if we needed to stay for an extended period.

Entering the monastery we came across bodies of mercenaries and red goblyns, wherever the bodies of mercenaries touched the goblyns there was a strange melting effect and the presence of red goo. Mazlor insisted we moved the mercenaries away, once done he said a prayer over their bodies and we returned to the goblyns. We discovered the goo could be burnt….

Jorann using the map from previous visits lead us to the crevice, on the way Mazlor and Sal walked through a wall and disappeared for a while, apparently there is some secret entrance to a sacred shrine.

Reaching the crevice we found three ropes suspended in the air with what had once been a structure over the crevice lying in ruins on the floor. Mazlor, Balador and Ja’Kar went down and the rest of us followed, suddenly there were a group of misshapen goblyns upon us, led by a Shaman, we were outnumbered. I cast sleep and they all fell, the pen is indeed mightier than the sword.

We continued with our exploration and found a cage with 10 goblyns inside, apparently of the Green Iron Fist, it seems they were called there. There had been more, but some had been taken away one by one, never to be seen again. I fear here is the source of the grotesque red goblyns we have seen. They did not seem capable of doing much and we had a long debate over what to do with them. Finally Ja’Kar and Balto decided they were going to take them back to the camp we left outside the monastery.

The rest of us continued and coming to a large cavern with big pool of shallow water in it we saw another floating rope leading to a hole in the roof. Mazlor and Jorann said this was they way. Balador climbed the rope, only to suddenly come tumbling down. Balto said he could climb up and had prepared a flask of burning oil. After he through the oil into the opening several explosion happened followed by a shower of blood and goblyn body parts. Following his declaration that it was clear we all went up, to find a strange sight indeed, the water was flowing uphill. Following the water we eventually come to a large cavern of stalagmites and stalactites.

Entering the cavern we were attacked by a pair of Dark Manatees, with a bit of effort these were taken care of. Ja’Kar decided to make a rather horrifying cloak out of one of them. Carefully crossing the river, we hear voices calling out for help, warily we move towards the sound. We come across four red goblins guarding some of the Marshal’s men. The goblyns are defeated but Ja’Kar falls, fortunately we revive and heal him, I would have missed that strange Monk. We free the men, who tell us about a Shaman and spiky Orcs,and continue with our search. Coming out of a passageway we are confronted with five humans and five goblins. Belador quickly lit a flask of oil and threw it at them then we successfully engaged them. there was no time for a rest, we heard the sounds of more enemies coming down the passage, quickly Sal spread some caltrops inside the opening and we positioned ourselves ready for battle. The caltrops did the job, the goblyns were slowed and Mazlor quickly killed one, which to my utter surprise exploded, fortunately none of us were hurt. I then saw the most bizarre thing, another goblyn exploded, and another…. and so on.Suddenly there were no more goblyns. This may explain the explosion we heard after Balto threw the earlier oil flask.

Jorann led us down the passage, telling us there was a Shaman’s room further on, seemed like a good place to find him. We found the room and the Shaman, unfortunately he was not alone and was prepared for us. He was already casting a spell and with him were three chaos humans and orcs, all with large spikes protruding from their bodies, this was not looking good. His casting finished and suddenly several of our party ran away (I shall not name them in fear…… that their reputations will be damaged). A magic missile took care of the Shaman and in rather spectacular fashion if I do say. We rid ourselves of the other, after Jorann had held the humans I took care of them with my blade.

In the room was a globe of chaos, with what looked like deformed goblyn writhing inside. Jorann destroyed it with Holy Water and we desecrated the alter.

Tired, bloodied and out of spells we agreed it was time to head out. All was quiet and we arrived at the chamber below the chasm to see that the walls are on fire. I am not sure if this is good or bad. We can get to the ropes without danger and climb back up into the monastery. As we head to the entrance there is a feeling that we are being watched. Jorann dispels this feeling with a few words.

Arriving at the camp we find the goblyns brought back by Balto and Ja’Kar, they appear to have no will of their own and will do anything you tell them to.

We have survived another day and learned new things, unfortunately I fear this is just the beginning.


“Jorann has been tased by her god”

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Another trip to the Monastery

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Another trip to the Monastery
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