The Chronicles of Etinerra

Eastern Borders - Braving the Ruins

Being a report of Darius, Cleric of Enonia

By the Light, things are looking up, despite this damned and ill-omened rain. I had thought my first journey from Enonia a failure, but the information we brought back—that the ancient mines are now filled with a monstrous horde—was worth something to Marshall Roen. With these funds I was able to prepare myself for a second trip into the wild, this time at the orders of the Marshall himself. Our party—a hardy ranger, a fierce littleling, a rogueish looking man (whom I didn’t quite trust) and two newly joined adventurers—journeyed to the East, seeking a ruined inn which Roen had asked us to win free from monsters. Along the way, we were beset by giant spiders, and the littleling proved true the stories about his race by destroying one of the foul beasts without breaking stride. After skirting a bridge the ranger explained was guarded by a dangerous beast, we reached the inn at last and descended into the cellars below. We explored a small part of the cellars, and killed a number of goblins in a running battle. We also discovered a store of treasure in a locked box which the shifty-looking one was able to open with ease. With our supplies running low, we retreated from the cellars, only to encounter a band of kobold fighters engaged in their own invasion of the inn. I believe the kobolds mistook us for goblins, and our battle was fought in such a way that they couldn’t have seen our faces clearly. If so, good. Perhaps when we return to the inn, the kobolds and goblins will have finished each other off. I pray that this will come to pass.


Chgowiz mordrin