The Chronicles of Etinerra

Grel's log

Spring in Enonia

Spring has come to Enonia again, and I find myself increasingly worried for the fate of Enonia.
Yesterday, I went adventuring with a few of my new companions, i.e. Jakar, Beladur and Ostlen.
We had decided that with news of sir Reynauld’s defeat at the hands of the orcs, and of the strange exploding orcs, we felt it would be a good idea to scout out the monastery ourselves.
We also decided that while we were out in that general direction we could find out if there was any truth to the bakers tale of a new shrine north of the monastery.
Our initial talks with Yinnivax and sir Reynauld were not too informative, so we took the baker and set out to find the shrine first. This proved to be fairly easy, as the baker did seem to be called by a goddess. From speaking with the baker and Jakar, it appears that this goddess is Mesha the bringer of seasons.
While I did not feel any evil coming from the shrine, I did not feel any particular welcome and felt it would be prudent to remain outside of the shrine as I did not want Tangadorin to feel any displeasure with me entering a shrine to another deity.
It has been in my mind lately that the more we learn about the Doom, the more it seems to be connected with the end of worship of all other deities . Was it the Doom that stopped this worship, or was it the end of worship that caused the Doom?
Either way, it seems to me that with these deities returning, perhaps there is hope yet that the Doom can be reversed.
Anyway, we left the baker to find his own way home, as it would be far more dangerous to accompany us while we set off to scout the monastery. Our timing was fortuitous as when we arrived the remaining orcs were in battle with two giant wasps. With a little help from my companions and the exploding orcs, the wasps were soon victorious.
With no sign of any remaining orcs, we set out to explore the monastery. However, we only got through one chamber and were on our way to the stone fountain, when I was suddenly seized by a dreadful feeling of chaos. Luckily, I was embewed with the light of Tangadorin both in my heart and in my trusty blade, and so was able to overcome this awful influence.
Then an evil voice called out to me entreating me to come play with it in the pond. My companions and I had too much information to pass on to Yinnivax and Reynauld to chance our death in the monastery. we felt it would be best to report that the monastery was no longer crawling with orcs, so that it could now be cleaned out.
WE returned to Enonia and reported to Yinnivax and suggested that we wouyld like to inform Reynauld. With yinnivax’s permission, we did just that. I also allowed him to copy Jorann’s maps of the monastery, for which he paid quite handsomely. I felt that anything we could do to help root out the chaos is worthwhile.
Meanwhile, I return to the temple to report to Jorann all that I have learned.


Great recap!

(and they were goblyns… ) :)

Grel's log
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