The Chronicles of Etinerra

The Teachings of Inlaw from the 25th Day of Spring

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We headed east out into the woods skirting the troll bridge only to “almost” run into the troll out for his daily constitutional. Reached the vast field around Irecia about mid day of the 2nd day of travel. Headed south trying to spot a rumored mine. Spent the 2nd night just inside the edge of the woods where we were attacked by very GIANT crows on first watch. We ate crow the next morning.

Continued our search towards the south east then back north swinging further out into the plain. As we got almost back to the Enonia-Irecia road we came across a deserted farm hamlet. One building overgrown with man-eating vines. We had just gotten somewhat recovered when a dozen skeletons erupted from the earth. The clerics sent them running.

We spent the night away from the hamlet but a little further east. The next day we went south again. About mid day we came upon a stone tower with only one visible entrance. After breaking down a magically locked door, we encountered an imp (perhaps) guarding the inside on the 2nd floor. The imp was far more interested in being released from bondage than guarding any treasures. The second floor has 4 doors. The two center doors lead into a dinning room which may have been magnificent once, but is no mostly decay. Unseen servants rushed to take our cloaks and have us seated. With an effort we exit the room with one corroded silver goblet. The 1st and 4th doors appear to be magically held. When webbing started appearing on the stairs, we decided to leave. We forced marched home bearing that tarnished silver goblet and a few giant crow feathers as our only treasure.


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