The Chronicles of Etinerra

Eastern Borders - Inn it to win it

A Very Bloody Spring in Enonia

Thus began a very bloody spring in Enonia as the rain set in and the Kings announcements reached the ears of the public. The commission milled indoors awaiting the kings new years message with the rest of the township. In his message to the people of Enonia his majesty declared that he could not afford to send his armies to the frontier quickly gathering groans from the villages. His majesty encouraged his humbled subjects to continue to work hard for the kingdom finally wishing his people farewell by instructing the people to leave any strange announcements for the lords of Enonia.

Throughout the morning rumors spread amongst the villagers speaking of a Silver Sphere in the Crystal Tower a lost tower that sunk beneath the south Dalewoods. Earlier that day Anya and her thugs were paid to visit New Hope, a city to the South that is believed to be lost to mankind. It was also sighted by Dul “Lone Ranger” of the wild that the kings rangers were in the area working on behalf of some unknown purpose.

The commission set out. Winter paladin of faith unknown, Caston the brave, Dul of the wild range, Darrius of the light, Joran the female littleling and her guard, Irem the rouge, and Dolf the little helper set out towards The Dalewoods Wayfarers Inn. With hopes to discover more treasure in the contested Inn. Along the way to the Dalewoods inn the commission was careful to avoid “Fathers” bridge, and visiting the “black patch” an unexpected earth quake occurred.

(Concept rendering of what The Dalewoods Wayfarers Inn looked like before before the doom of man destroyed it)

Those of the light faith felt chaos and darkness fill they souls. The party treked on to a familiar camp site to ensure reaching the inn quickly. Soon into setting up camp keen ears alerted the party of whistling in the depths of the forest. Thats when Dul the Ranger then spotted it. Climbing high into the tree tops Dul surveyed the area looking for the origins of the strange whistling to witness a Crystal Tower floating high above the tree tops. As the party debated the meaning of this event the whistling came closer and to camp as Izil played along with his hunters horn to match the melody and tune of the whistle. The trollkin had arrived to play their music in harmony with their friend. They sat with the group, enjoyed winters candy and sang the party legends of old time. The song took our party out of their bodies illustrating what lies in the darkness and most of all what The Striped Wizard is after.

See full size image Once morning wet in the commission left for the Inn and came upon it mid afternoon. The party moved in with confidence as goblins that they encountered put up a resistance to claim the inn as their own. The commission fought bravely storming the Dalewoods in and slaying the Goblins of The Green Fist. Irem’s Moltov coctails singed goblin lackeys and Caston the brave’ fire brand dealt righteous justice to the orcs but for as much of a match as the commission was for the green fit the same was true for the commission. The battle of the 4 way intersection divided the party and threatened the lives of 3 in our party. Irem was wise and quick enough to heal them while the rest of the party tended to the orc leader. In the end it was Caston the brave who stuck down the green fist raiding party leader. As the orcs withdrew so did the commission knowing that victory, at least for today, was theirs.

Making it back to town the commission reported their findings to the lord, Sir Yinivax,and were paid for their efforts. Thankful that the adventure cost no one their life the commission went their separate ways once more to live for the moment and revel in victory.


Fantastic retelling! Just a bit of a correction – Jorran is a human cleric – Brian decided to not play the littleling :)

The good people of Enonia haven’t met orcs… yet… ;)

Eastern Borders - Inn it to win it
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