The Chronicles of Etinerra

X marks the spot - Gambler's Curse comes to Izil

"Eastern Borders" There's always a price...

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“That Gypsey!… Vanir!?, help ”/campaigns/the-dark-ages/characters/50481" class=“wiki-content-link”>Izil bring curses upon her!" Izil realized Gina put something in his wine. The black X on his face meant that she plans for him. Her attraction might become fatal to her if she does not pay her debt to Izil. If Gina wanted something from Izil, she would send someone to come for him. Her beauty was so unique, so radiant, that Izil wondered if she was the white wizard. "uuughghghghg…Izil now know Gina’s tricks Izil will have her".

A night of carousing throughout town brought Izil more knowledge about Enonia. Interestingly, at the Mug and Pot and other taverns that Izil could afford (The Eagle’s Alehouse close to center of town, The Fox’s Flagon (north) and Sword and Flagon (south), the bards sang songs about foolish adventurers who’ve braved the wilds, to win some gold and glory, but also songs of those whom had found brutal death. To Izil, these sounded suspiciously like stories of the travels that Izil and his fighting companions have taken! If Kjeld was here to hear their adventures together.

Interestingly, whilst at the Eagle’s Alehouse, Izil heard that Anya and her band of hoods have not be heard from since they left for New Hope a fortnight ago.

The night pressed on and Izil passed food and drank to the other patrons. A nice tip to the most beautiful one of the bards, Gina, brought stories of the Sithasten Mountains. “Uuuuummmmm??…she thought resting on ”/campaigns/the-dark-ages/characters/50481" class=“wiki-content-link”>Izil‘s lap. She whispered low into Izil’s ear as he took a large swig of wine, “They are a long sweeping range of mountains stretching far to the north and bordering the eastern edge of Valenia far to the south and continuing on to the Oceans. Beyond them are foothills and more forest and the wild lands – some of which is held by the littlelings. From ”/campaign/the-dark-ages/wikis/enonia" class=“wiki-page-link”>Enonia, they are roughly a 10 day walk to the east".

Before Izil hit the floor Gina held his head against her breasts. “There were villages around ”/campaign/the-dark-ages/wikis/irecia" class=“wiki-page-link”>Irecia, but nobody has been to the mountains in memory and it’s not known if any villages survived". “”/campaigns/the-dark-ages/characters/50481" class=“wiki-content-link”>Izil be warned for it is said that in the Days of the Doom, orcs and goblins swept from the mountains to overtake the lands – and worse creatures as well. It is also said that giants and dragons also inhabit the mountains. Nobody has gone there in 2 generations, as nobody wishes to cross the Bestial held lands". “Buh-bye beloved” was the last thing Izil heard when he hit the ground.

Izil‘s risk to woo Gina the Gypsey to Izil’s bed ended in mishap. The gambler’s mark left upon his face made it very clear. What was not clear is whether it was Gina who placed the mark upon his face.



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AWESOME story!


Dude, that is totally awesome! You earned that 40XP, and then some! I’m glad you didn’t slaughter Gina…perhaps she will haunt you again in the future?


I think Izil will see Gina again. What baggage she brings with her is what concerns me. That and I paid good gold for a good time and she did not pay her debt to Izil. Till then these are fun exercise in HTML and XP gathering.


How does Gina owe you a debt? She told you a story, you gambled your money away and then … you got into debt. Hence the Gambler’s Mark. You owe Gina (or whoever placed the mark upon you) :>


Hey in Izil’s eyes he paid for a high class call girl to spend the night with him. So what if he was stupid and gambled away more that what he could afford all because he got ruffied. I wonder what Izil wagered away… nope he can’t remember. It’s like that movie “The Hangover”. Don’t know what trouble Izil in yet but I am sure you will let me know soon enough when we play.

Chgowiz Kburrell