The Chronicles of Etinerra

29 Mar 09 - Travelogue from Aramin

29 Mar 09

We met today with a number of new people, well they considered me the new guy, but I have been here first. As a matter of fact, Lanosh is the only one I know from previously. We got together at the Mug & Pott this morning after several days of rest.

In actuality, most of these people, I have seen around town before, we just have never talked before.

It was decided, much at Harold’s instigation, that we would travel north and search out the Monastery that supposedly somewhere out that way. Finding it was actually very easy but in the process, we ran into a pack of badgers. They tore Adue up pretty badly. “But, They’re just badgers…”, I kept saying. Yet the ‘just badgers’ were pure dynamite. We took the hides, and meat, that we sold the next day and got 3GPs for them. By far the best return on anything we have done to date. The more I see on this, the more that just hunting for the town must be the way to go. The cost of food in town is quite unbearable. How a normal person would just be able to survive, I have no idea.

If a day’s worth of travel food costs 2 GP and in that is about ½ pound of dried jerky and the average deer can provide 50-100 lbs of jerky out of 1 carcass; we should be able to glean 5-10 GP+ for a whole deer, including hide, hooves, horns and organs. There are lots of valuable items in a single animal.

Anyway, we continued on to the monastery, and arrived in about 3 hours travel. It only took about ½ hour to find a passage leading down into the temples bowels. In the course of the day, we covered about half the catacombs, routed out about a dozen goblins, some large spiders, numerous giant rats, and a few other creatures that were unidentifiable. We found no direct treasure, but located a number of items, including a candlestick and a couple of books. We decided to head back when everyone in the party were sporting wounds to a greater or lesser extent, Harold was unconscious, and Adue looking like he had been chewed on by an army of beavers. We left the temple just a little before sunset and traveled back that night arriving in town about 2 hours before dawn.

Arriving at town, we agreed to keep information about the catacombs as quiet as possible to avoid other raiders from trying to horn in on our work like what is happening at the mine. We will keep this news quiet…

Tolliver, his girl friend, Adue, and Parabellum went out to sell some of the stuff we picked up. They did sell the Candle stick for it’s metal content and received 12 GP for it from a new friend of ours. (Name withheld for safety’s sake).

We are now looking to codify the party into an orderly and controlled organization. We need to find a name, a charter and other items to develop our ‘New’ identity. To this end, all members are urged to pay a CP/week in dues, which are presently being held by Tolliver (at least when he’s not holding Anya anyway. I’d say they act like a bunch of teenagers, except that I think that they ARE a Bunch of Teenagers). Right now, my records indicate we have 14 CP in our coffers, not much but it’s a start.



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