The Chronicles of Etinerra

Once more into the Breach my friends…

The 14th day of summer had arrived, and my companions and I were ready to head back to the Monastery in order to rid it of the stain of Corruption. Mazlor, Sally, Beladur, Fergus, Balto, Ragar, Pyria, Jakar and I headed back to the Monastery.
Our journey there was uneventful, and we had no problems going inside. Once there we found that even though we had separated the humans from the goblins, they had continued to turn into chaos goo, and there was little left. We decided to take the stairs this time, but were surprised to find the headless corpse of Melchrit guarding the doorway. Mazlor presented his holy symbol and the foul thing gave us no further trouble.
As expected, we were attacked by the usual sturges on the way down, but no one was seriously hurt. We reached the bottom and entered the lower level. Everything seemed as we recalled. Mazlor thought it would be a good idea to check the torture chamber in case there were some humans in need of rescue. What we found was the thing of nightmares! Balto and Beladur snuck forward and ended up attacking two flying half metal half flesh monstrosities. They soon came fleeing back and we were able to overcome them. They were the same creatures we had heard last time at the rivers edge.
We went back to the torture chamber and found three humans and three goblins in some strange state where they were shifting from chaos to normal. It was horrendous. That oaf Jakar decided to kill them all on sight, but Mazlor and I had hopes of helping the poor unfortunate humans. I made one drink Holy Water in the hopes that it would fight off the chaos and restore him, but the chaos had already claimed him. He screamed in agony as the holy water went through him, and I knew then that they were beyond our help. So we allowed Jakar to continue his bloodthirsty work.
We continued on our way to the chaos forest but were attacked by a strange chaos human whom only Sally’s and my weapon were able to hurt. Tangadorin was with me and we vanquished it. We then entered the chaos forest and were immediately fired upon by those accursed chaos bird goblins. To my utter astonishment, the area was now overgrown with the Chaos trees which had never before been here. They were everywhere! I was dismayed. We ran into the tunnel and Jakar decided to run out and be bait to allow our party to attack them. I think we may have finally found a use for the oaf.
I couldn’t quite remember what the fountain at the end of the path was, so the party agreed to go have a look. To my utter surprise, the fountain was full of some awful chaos sludge and the roots from the forest were all drinking up this foul essence! I dropped some Holy Water in and the entire forest reacted. Mazlor blessed it, which stopped the fouintain, but nothing else. Mazlor, Sally and I each spent time to Purify this foul sludge. The forest shrieked and all the roots pulled back, but there was far too much sludge for us to Purify. We will need to come back to continue.
We returned to the stairway down to the next level and went down. When we got to the bottom, we felt a hideous shift and I was completely cutoff from Tangadorin!! It was an awful feeling. Nevertheless, I hid my dismay and agreed to continue on. When we opened the door there was a powerful wind buffeting us. We fought against it and decided to explore this area, since we had never done so before.
We found a desecrated alter that made us feel better than we had since we went down the chaos stairs. At one doorway we heard Maniacal laughter, but we did not enter. As we were walking we encountered two more of the awful flying metal chaos creatures. We destroyed them and found R’oh’s bedchamber. I gathered all the pages of notes while the others rifled through the closet.
We decided that it was time to head back. Soon we will return and end this corruption!


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