The Chronicles of Etinerra

Overview about Aramin's Travelogues

I have now been writing this travelogue all summer about my activities and those of my compatriots as we discover the hidden world around here. So it seems to be time to do an explanation of my reasoning for anyone who may find this after I die (which the way things go may not be all that far in future).

This travelogue I am writing in a diary for my own personal benefit, and I will use it as a history, a source of opinions and comments to myself, as well as to make notes of things that happen or I would like to see happen. I have seemed to find this a particularly appropriate place to mention my fears worries and opinions about the things going on around us especially the seemingly new activities surrounding the Marshal, the high priest and the gate guards. This seems to be something that we would need to investigate much more closely…


Chgowiz mordrin