The Chronicles of Etinerra

Eastern Borders - Tangling with a Bearowl

Aah! Adventurers! Last night was a great victory for the forces of Light and the power of the Elves! The heroic adventurers Dul and Douzane (a fearsome duo), traveled with their hirelings Azoq and Chex (the brother of Chin) east along the road until we came to the great bridge. Upon hearing something moving under the bridge, and remembering the fearsome tales of danger, our party turned south into the forest. After camping for a night and traveling further south, we came again to our Lost Mines.

Upon coming up to the hill which hides the mines, we saw sign of a recent battle. Kobold bodies were strewn like matchsticks upon the fresh snow, blood everywhere. A trail of blood lead to a natural cave on the south side of the hill, a cave that hid a great foe. Douzane climbed up the hill above the entrance to gain a surprise advantage against the foe, while Dul, Azoq, and Chex lured the beast into the holy light of day. What sight beheld our eyes but a giant 7 foot grizzly bear with the head of an owl. A BEAROWL!

It caused a panic in the less than stalwart hirelings, and they broke their line. Chex ran up on the hill drawing the Bearowl’s attention to the hiding Elf, forcing him to lose the chance for a backstab. With a claw, claw, and a fearsome bite, Chex met his end, his skull crushed. Dul fled into the woods, and Azoq, perused by the Bearowl ran up onto the hill and around it, all the while chased by the monster.

Dropping his sword, and drawing his bow, Douzane took aim. The Bearowl caught poor Azoq in his hug, but with a cry of “all power to the Elves” the first arrow from the Elven bow took the beast in the face, driving straight through its skull, stunning but not killing the beast. Azoq escaped, and the next two arrows drove into the beast’s shoulder and jaw, driving the creature to the ground and to death.

A single handed victory for Douzane the Elf, against a foe five times stronger than he! Yet he couldn’t have done it without his team mates running around in a panic, generally distracting the beast. After that the team proceeded into the cave finding a series of caves and a host of treasure!! Thousands of copper and silver coins, gems and other arcane devices. Since the caves are clear now (for the time being), it might make an excellent place to camp and rest. Cheers all around for the heroic adventurers!


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