The Chronicles of Etinerra

The Aftermath of the Victory

The Meditations of Ja'Kar

As I sit within the shrine of Mesha, I ponder much.

I ponder the course of my life, and how it resembles a stream which slowly gains speed and forms into a river. My order teaches that life is water, and the longer the water flows, the stronger the water becomes. I have dedicated myself to this belief, and I find myself more committed to my order’s teachings then I have ever been.

The events at the inn, which my companions are still celebrating about, has shown to me, that my stream of life is stronger. I have braved the many challenges that have attempted to create a damn and end my flow, but water is stronger than a damn. Water flows, it adapts, and it can change shape to breakthru whatever obstacles are in the way.

Unlike the others, I did not celebrate the victory. Yes, I spent some time in the company of my companions, but the need to be honored is silly. I chose this path because it was the correct thing to do. I did not tread upon it for fame, rewards or to be a hero. It was the right thing to do, because the balance needed to be restored, and though this is a great victory, the balance is still unbalanced.

So I left the company of my companions, and traveled to visit Turgen and check in on how his progress is. I also wanted to mediate on Meshsa, and see if I could learn more.

I am happy to see the progress Turgen has made. I am also happy to see how more have flocked to him and they are at work on building a temple or church of some type. I am happy to see that the money I provide the baker has gone to build his shrine, and not gone to his pockets. I hope my continued friendship with him, helps him realize that wealth is fickle. It does not stay, it does not keep you warm, it does not make you happy.

I am also pleased that Turgen and his friends have agreed to provide the kobold with pigs.

Some might think my friendship with Atonok is strange, but it is not. No one is born evil, it is the events of one’s life that influence the course your stream takes. Atonok, though a kobold, wants nothing more but to live in peace, raise his rats, and hopefully raise his hogs. Who am I to judge him, or hold the actions of his race against him? Atonok is an example to all, that you can change the course of your life stream. My hope is that I can bring Atonok into the fold of Turgen’s people. I will show them that Turgen offers much, and that by befriending him, they will show their dedication to their goddess.

Speaking of the goddess, I spent many of hour meditating within the shrine contemplating Mesha. As I mediated I had the briefest of feelings that she touched me. The touch gave me the impression, even more so, that she is a fickle goddess and is tied into nature. I am still unsure of her intentions, and I will continue my meditations on it. What I do know is that I will do whatever I can to support Turgen and his growing followers. Turgen is another counter weight that will help to return this world into a balance.

It is time to return to the village. I have things I must do, namely purchase horses for Turgen and rejoin my companions. My stream is still flowing toward them, and I must do what I always do: flow.


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