The Chronicles of Etinerra

The Assault on the Orc Fort

A Great day for Mankind

For many seasons, we have watched passively as the Orc incursion continued. Finally, we have taken the first step in pushing them back!
Yesterday during the summerfest fetivities, the Marshal summoned my companions and I to make final plans for the incursion. We agreed to time the assault. My companions and I would take an hour to get into position. After the hour was up, the marshal would start his diversion. He would give us one hour to blow the gate or he would pull back and abandon the assault.
We were a bit surprised and alarmed, that Pyria was no where to be fond. The Marshal asked about her and we were forced to admit that we hadn’t seen her. He then told us that Parabellum had been asking to speak with him about a matter of great importance relating to the assault. We assured the Marshal that we would talk to Parabellum and see what he knew.
As it turned out, Pyria had entrusted the fireball scroll to him and convinced him to aid us in the assault. So that night we set out for the Kobald’s hole to make our assault.
At dawn, the Marshall’s forces were in position and we synchronized our hourglasses. We had one hour to get into position and then one hour to blow the gate. Everything was in our hands, the fate of Mankind could very well depend on our completing our mission!
Fergus, Mazlor, Balto, Ragar, Belatur, Jakar, Sally, Parabellum and I entered the hole. Atun the Kobold was alarmed at first, but we reassured him with some pig meat and Jakar promised to bring him live pigs to breed. He was quite pleased and allowed us to go our way. We made our way to what we believe would be the best entrance, under the well.
We quietly unbricked the blockage and made our way into the room below the well. The well smelled awful, and there was a boarded up opening in the ceiling. Balto felt it would be an easy thing to climb up to it and remove the boards and thus we would all be able to ascend.
Just as he was about to remove the boards, he heard some Orcs talking about movement in the woods. Luckily for us he thought better of his plans and decided to heed my advice and wait for the Marshal to begin the assault so that we would have a diversion.
Soon enough we heard the horns blowing and knew that the Marshal was in place. Suddenly we heard the sounds of many Goblins running through the corridors nearby. Luckily, none came into our chamber. Balto decided that this would be the perfect time to see what was going on outside. Luck was with us as no one saw him peek his head around, because he told us that the opening was completely exposed. There was almost no chance of us getting up without being seen.
We decided there was no choice, but to make our way towards where the Goblins went, as they had clearly gotten outside with no difficulty.
We made our way forward and encountered two goblins who we made quick work of. They had bolted the entrance to the outside. However, as we were inside, there was no difficulty opening the way. We opened the doors and could see straight ahead the orc forces were all arrayed in front of the gate. We had a clear line of sight on the gate!
We told Parabellum to cast the spell immediately, as there would likely be no better opportunity than this.
The fireball took out the gate with no problem! The Leader and the Shamen who were right in front of us were clearly upset. The leader immediately ordered his forces to advance while the shamen cast darkness at us. Clearly he didn’t know who he was dealing with, I held forth my sword imbued with the light of Tangadorin and his darkness was no match for Tangadorin’s light. He fled from the light of Tangadorin and sent a squad of orcs after us.
We slew the orcs and chased after him, but again he sent another squad to defend him. These Orcs were much better and it took us a while to defeat them. In the meantime, we saw the Orc cavalry who had charged out of the East gate slam into the archery regiment. The goblins were repulsed by the infantry and ran away. Another regiment of cavalry attacked the Marshal and soon sir Reynauld attacked them from behind.
Within a few minutes the Orc infantry was running away and then the orc cavalry too. The shamen was defeated and then their leader stood alone! Marshal Raeynes struck him mightily as did the infantry and Sir Reynauld and the leader was no more!
We had done it!! The orcs were defeated and the inn was ours!!!

To top off this incredible day, Tangadorin blessed me with my full paladinic powers and told me that I had done well, He was pleased with my efforts!!!!

A GREAT day for Mankind!!!!!


Chgowiz Chgowiz