The Chronicles of Etinerra

The Bowels of the Earth

Treen, Oliphas (+henchmen?), Alana, Mazlor, Hamgrin

For adventurers only – not the general public | Whilst in town we discovered that a contingent of elves was visiting. Inquiries determined that they were communicating their plans to seal parts of the Dwarven Mine. Unfortunately, Roen indicated they were not inclined to join with humanity in a joint effort against the orcish horde.

Soon after we traversed to our frequent destination, the Monastery of the late St Eggyx. The tower was low in the air, but we had no interest in another visit therein. We made our way to the Altar Room and deployed our wooden ‘rope and pulley constructs’. Stout little Hamgrin scouted for us and spied a large pile of bodies beneath our ropes. I sprinkled some Holy Water as a precaution against any Living Dead, but we saw no wicked ones stung by its purity, and so we made to descend. While they may not have been possessed by vile spirits, they most assuredly were possessed of a vile stench, which quite upended my stomach. The corpses were that of unusually deformed goblins, and we supposed these to be the failed transformations.
A passage led out unto a cavern of immense proportions. We circled round its perimeter as water circles a drainage hole, searching for exits. Rock formations and minor opening were found, but none such as could support a human’s girth, until we had gone quite a ways. We forced our way in and proceeded not far until a thing like a heavy blanket landed and enveloped a hired hand. Dispatching the thing without doing the same to the man within was no easy task, but with the aid of the Light’s healing grace, the man fared less poorly than the thing and escaped with his life.

The passage opened into a low chamber, with a sunken indentation and a chest therein. After numerous precautions, Hamgrin raised the lid only to be assaulted by a squadron of animated woodcarvings. Their diminutive stature and our desire to not harm the littling greatly vexed our attempts to target them, and forced us to take drastic measures. Hamgrin was doused in oil, protected by the strength of the Light, then set ablaze. The devilish dolls were turned to cinders whist Hamgrin was left unharmed. What coin we could carry was taken home.

Reports on our journey were made and we enjoyed the Town Festival while mending. In less than a hand’s worth of days we returned for the last of the coin, circling the opposed way as before. We then backtracked to a curious puddle we had spotted the sojourn previous. Summoning the glow of the Light, we found a hole in the ceiling. Using grapnel, we scaled and investigated. A wet, winding tunnel led away. We followed to a point of wonder – the trickle of water was flowing uphill at us! Still, with nothing of obvious import in sight and the footing treacherous, we chose to pay our caution more heed than our curiosity and retreat.

Next explored was the shallow pool in the center of the Great Cavern. Nothing of note could be found. This left us but with one wide tunnel leaving the cavern to test. It led to a ledge down. Seeing nothing, the littling led the way down a rope. To our collective horror, he was immediately beset by a swarm of fiery beetles, who rent him apart before he could ascend again. We delivered harm on the beetles from above, but there was naught to be done for poor Hamgrin.

Further along, we heard and smelled a great ogre. Still stinging with anger, we merely crept in and assaulted the hapless beast into oblivion. He wore a medallion and was covered in dreadful sores and protested mightily our treatment of him, insisting that he had served loyally. But as life escaped him, he whispered thanks for delivering him from what must have been a tortured existence.

As a postscript to this entry:
Though I hath gone on many travels of grave danger, I have seen firsthand blessedly little death come to pass on our side – but a few mercenary sell-swords. Tis the first full, experienced member of our band I have had the misfortune to witness fall, and a gloomy experience it is. Fare thee well, brave Hamgrin. The Light will glow a bit brighter for your contributions to the world.

Mazlor, beacon of the Light


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