The Chronicles of Etinerra

The Reclaiming of Tangorin's holy artifacts

The Return to Tangorin's Tower

Great was the rejoicing in Tangorin’s shrine when Jorann returned from her journey to the Tower.
For she told a tale of much adventure!
I set off on the 33rd day of spring with my trusted companions of Mazlor the cleric, Irem the rougue, Treen the mage, Oliphus the ranger and a new adventurer Bramblebeard the druid. Also included in this adventure were a couple of hired adventurers, Chacci & Colgash.
Unfortunately, for them, we stumbled upon a group of Kobalds and sent the druid forward to parley with their leader. Apparently talks did not go well as Bramblebeard cast entangle on half of their party and a fight ensued.
I must admit, I was displeased with this as I had hoped to aid the kobalds perhaps in some guerrila type attacks against our common foe of the Goblins, but such was not to be. Then to my shame while I was busy tieing the leader whom mazlor held by spell, the druid killed all of the defenseless entangled Kobalds. He then while talking to the leader, whom it must be admitted, did not seem to be very likely to be of any help, he plunged his spear through his chest. I was forced to explain that this was not very acceptible to us and beginning fights when we were trying to parley and killing poor defenseless Kobalds does not Further the righteous cause of restoring Tangorin’s name to the world. I should point out that the rest of the party all seemed in agreement that this was not our intention.
After an otherwise fairly uneventful search for the Tower, it was found again without too much trouble. Once there I prayed to Tangorin and was rewarded with a vision of a hole in the ground off to the south east surrounded by 15 human size stone formations in 2 groups and a rectangular stone in the center. This was exactly what I was looking for as Tangorin had sent me a dream that I had to free his words which I was sure were in this stone.
So after a good night sleep in the temple (which my friend Colgash helped me clean), we set off to the south west. It took most of the day but the ranger spotted the stone forms and we approached.
My friend Irem stealthily scouted the area and came back running with 2 Cockatrices chasing him. A few moments later a 3rd appeared and battle was joined. The beasts were very tough and due to the fact that they were flying it was very difficult to hit them. Only missile weapons (which due to the winds were less accurate than usual) and whomever was being attacked could hit them. Irem used a grappling hook to bring one to earth, but since Bramblebeards entaglement could not hold it we continued to missile it to death. Treen was hit by one and we felt the ground beneath her ripple, but fortunately she shook off the effect. I should point out that Treen used her darts to great effect on him. Finaly after much damage the other 2 flew away and left us to their lair.
Which was completely empty (and smelled truly foul).
I, however, knew exactly what to do and strode forward with the grace of Tangorin upon me I smote the stone with my hammer and uncovered an ancient chest. Unfortunately it was locked and Irem could not pick it. So we decided to check the other mounds in case there might be people inside them. We found the remains of 15 people one of which was clearly a cleric of The great and magnificent Tangorin. We recovered a number of valuable items, the greatest of which were on the cleric for he had on the vestments of Tangorin, plus a golden torque with Tangorin’s symbols upon it and a holy mace also bearing Tangorins symbols! Great was my joy to see these treasures uncovered.
As it was growing late, we went back to the towere to rest, and in the morning Irem was able to open the chest revealing The Parchment containing The Words Of Tangorin! I immediately took this up to the top of the temple and prayed to my lord Tangorin. The whole party could feel the Blessing of Tangorin upon us all day. I could tell that it would take weeks of study to fully comprehend these words and vowed that I would study them as soon as possible.
We then set off back to Enonia, and the journey back was uneventful. Once we got there I begged the group to take all the other spoils, but please do not contest me for the holy artifacts of Tangorin, as I could not bear to see them in the hands of any who do not worship his name. I was greatly relieved that they agreed.
Since they had agreed, I felt obliged to acompany them as they chose to go back towards the Tower, since they wished to explore the hamlet to the east. We arrived without very much adventure and Irem sneaked up and saw a dozen orcs and goblins had somewhat restored the main building and we were considering luring them out to an ambush when we noticed a figure. We spoke with this person whom we realized was the mysterious orc-slayer. This person told us that there were 30 – 40 orcs and goblins within, and that once a month they met here so the goblins could sell slaves to the orcs. We decided to we would have to come back next month to free the slaves as we did not have the manpower to do it yet. Thus we returned home to Eononia with the only adventure being a bunch of spiders which attacked us in the dalewoods as we slept. Treen was gravely wounded, but the grace of Tangorin healed her and we were assured a week of rest and she will be good as new.
So now I am free to study the words of Tangorin!


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