The Chronicles of Etinerra

The World So Far

Session #2 in The Dark Ages

This is Tolliver’s account of his ongoing adventures on the Eastern Borders.

Three days ago we made it back to Enonia, having pushed as far as we dared into the wilds of the Dark Woods. Caution got the better of us, despite the fact that we faced down a patrol of sniveling goblins in the shadowy forest. I have unfinished business there yet…

Today, however, my business took me south, to the abandoned abandoned mines and the rumors that persist there. I was not alone; with me traveled Parabellum the mage, Cadmus the cleric of Hermes, a fierce she-fighter named Anya, and a curious littleling named Harold who proved brave almost to a fault.

We encountered a sloping ridge about four hours south of Enonia. This hillock showed signs of having been clear-cut at some point in the distant past, and as we moved closer we saw several crude tunnels leading into the rock.

Venturing down, we came upon a culture of feral humans living almost like animals in the dim caverns. The sure-spoken words of Cadmus calmed them, however, and they gave us leave to pass through their meager realm and explore deeper into the tunnels. They lived in fear of a clan of kobolds who lurked in the deep tunnels, and indeed these feral men had barricaded the adjoining tunnels to prevent the vile creature from harassing them.

Undeterred, we broke through into the kobolds’ tunnels and almost immediately ran afoul of them. Two sellswords we had brought with us from Enonia fell almost immediately, and disarray almost dissolved our party. We managed to pull ourselves together long enough to push back the initial kobold assault and explore the first few rooms of what was likely a massive cave complex inhabited by the kobolds. On our way back out, having scraped together a pitiful pile of copper pieces from the kobolds’ territory, we received assurances from the feral chieftain that his men would be willing to join us if we returned for another delve into the mines.

Having cheated death for another day, we returned to Enonia and managed to convince the castellan of the keep, Sir Yinivax, to pay us good coin for any information we could dredge out of the wilderlands. Our spirits thus refreshed, we retired to the Mug & Pot Inn to plan our next move.


Awesome writeup! Thank you!

The World So Far
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