The Chronicles of Etinerra

Towering above the rest

A foray into "Death's Tower"

Alarms and commotion meet the townsfolk and heroes of Enonia at dawn. The alarms mustered the the best knights out Eastgate past the heroes of Enonia Inlaw, Soteria, Douzane, Valen, Joraan, Kjeld and Izil who banded together to venture towards the wizards tower in the distant plains of Irecia.

As the heroes headed out of town their attention was called to the Floating Crystal Tower: about a 1/2 mile north of the main road. What was distressing about the Crystal Tower was that it was now the edge of the Dale woods floating, inching ever so slowly towards Enonia. Marshall Roen and his knights bravely rode out to encounter it. Yet, they were unable to establish communication with anyone who may have neen in the tower.

Kjeld, Izil, and Douznae briefly meet with one of the Marshall’s lieutenants sharing their knowledge about the Crystal Tower. Once the party offered their expertise they pressed onward to the East.

The heroes pressed towards the Derelict Wizards Tower reaching it at sundown. They picketed their ponies and mule to the ground and spent the night outside. In the morning the party awoke and inspected the door that was breached from their previous visit. Unfortunately, the front door had been repaired and the party battered their way in only to encounter a thick magical fog that saturated the inside and out of the tower. The stairs were still webbed from their previous escape and smartly the adventurers torched the webbing lighting it on fire to clear the stairs stairs. As they went up the stairs some sort of confusion spell impeded the adventures from going directly to the doors they wanted to Investigate. In the process we provided much entertainment for the guardian imp. The heroes finally found their way to the left most door and battered their way in. Once the door was ajar Douzane encounter some sort of undead creature which attacked and was defeated swiftly by Kjeld.

The room also some sort of magic spell prevented that prevented the part from lingering near the door into the room. The room, a bedroom was in extreme disrepair had a mirror, which was promptly covered, plus one other door. A third door was discovered when the mirror was moved. This door was guarded by explosive runes, which blew up when Valen attempted to read then.

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Valen and Barney, one of Joraan’s loyal followers died in the blast. Several others were injured and Douzane lost his spell book to the fire. Additionally, the mirror was shattered. Since we believe that the mirror had entrapped the wizard of the tower, it is Inlaw’s belief that its distruction caused the death of said mage, whom the party never meet, and released the guardian imp, for the imp was not seen after that event. The party spent the night inside this room demoralized but optimistic that there was treasure to be found. To add insult to injury the second door in the room lead to the toilet. The 3rd door, no longer guarded by runes, led to a study. A crack in the wall had allowed the elements to destroy almost all the contents held inside the library’s shelves. However, the adventurers did discover one scroll and 4 potion bottles. While the scroll remains unidentified the party tested the potions and believe that (do not know) that they are:

  • DWT 1 – Find treasure/Gold

  • DWT 2 – Slow

  • DWT 3 – Clairvoyance

  • DWT 4 – Etherealness

  • where DWT stands for derelict wizard tower

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Having the procedure down to travel throughout the tower the party checked the door at the far right only to discover an empty room, and a secret door. The secret door lead to a room filled with confusion gas and to another door. This door lead to another empty room with a well that lead downward into a deeper and depth less dungeon. Daunted, the explorers collected their ponies, mule and limped their way back toward Enonia.

Shortly after getting back to the road but before they got into the woods, the party encountered an orc scouting party. 5 orcs mounted in full armor, horses in barding sounding a horn came out of the woods from the direction of Enonia, heading towards Irecia. At the sound of the horn, The explorers quickly left the road and hid in the grass. Luckily, they did not see the party, and the party did not attack them; they were in no condition to punch our way out of a paper sack.

Fatigued by poison and disheartened party made it back to Enonia without further incident minus 3 of their original group, and badly chastened by their plight of coming home empty handed


This was a tough and frustrating night for a lot of us at the table including Mike. As players we are talking amongst ourselves how to solve this problem and what we could have done better.

Towering above the rest
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