The Chronicles of Etinerra

Treasure or Trust

Requisition this magic knife out of my back

Spring in Enonia has not just brought ruin or danger, but new adventurers as well. One of those new adventurers, Valen the Elf, came to the Mug and Pot with tales of a hunting lodge and a magic knife. The hunting lodge, located east of the Monastery of St. Eggyx was claim to a local hunters guild and lost two generations ago to the darkness.

Valen’s tale moved the local heroes of Enonia and found allies in Izil, Dolf, Joraan, Irem, and Dul. Valen’s good intentions convinced the party that adventure was to be had and the heroes agreed to help Valen in his journey to reclaim the knife.

Valen invited Dul “The Lone Ranger” to accompany him to the older part of Enonia to meet with the sad man named Johann who had shared the tale of the hunting lodge and the Magic knife with Valen. Johann explained that the knife was a family heirloom and passed down for generations from a time when it was given as a reward for his ancestors fight against the Dark Ones. 20 years ago his Grandfather had left on a hunting trip and both he and the prized blade were never seen again.

The heroes headed out on a miserable rainy spring day to find Johann’s ancestral knife and claim any other treasures the wilderness might offer. As they traveled through the ranges toward the monastery rain beat against them and warnings about the Spider Queen echoed through their head. Around mid day the party came upon the monastery and entered the woods searching through the Dark Woods late in the day into the evening.

Darkwoods clearing and goblin encampment

As the adventurers set-up camp in an improvised and abandoned goblin clearing they ate and decided to continue their search the next day when the weather cleared. Again Dul’s keen sense of the wilderness predicted the rain would be lighter and the lodge would be found as the party stumbled upon an old path that crept it’s way through the forest.

Dul’s keen direction sense lead the party to a clearing where the lodge lied quiet amongst the belly of the forest. Cautious as ever Dul stopped the party and informed the party of the lodge that lie ahead. As Irem began to move forward Dolf stopped him boasting of his experience stealth and stepped ahead of Irem. As Dolf crept through the forest even the dim witted Izil could point pointed out Dolf’s way through the forest as he approached the lodge. Quickly Dolf was out of sight as he turned the bend and entered the clearing. Death lied about the outside of the cabin as bodies from generations ago lay on the ground with roots and weeds coving their bodies. They had no clothes to distinguish who they are or what business they had there. It was there alone in the clearing that Dolf decided to test his mettle.

Dolf knocked an arrow and let it land into the body of the dead only to find that it was one of the damned! Two undead scavengers sprang to their feet and Dolf sprang back to the party where a quick battle was won and victory was to be had. Cautiously the party regrouped and combed the edge of the clearing to make sure no more damned lied about literally preventing stumbling over four more damned who liked in the tall grass. The party continued to comb the outside coming across a pile of bodies in the back of the house which were lit on fire using oil and slain quickly with blades. The battle was swift and the damned dispatched quickly. All that lie left was the cabin itself.

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With windows open and doorway ajar the party spied the insides of the building to find 6 more of the damned face down on the floor. The party prepared their attack shooting an arrow through the door and into the damned awakening them. The damned did not stand a chance, death by a firing squad and one damned in particular (donned in rusty ring mail) meet his end when Dolf launched a magic missile toward it. The ensuing melee ensured that the party was safe from the ravenous claws and bites of the damned. In the heat of battle they lost sight of each other for an instant and Dolf the rouge located and swiped the knife and its scabbard from the rusty ring mail protected damned.

In victory Izil took the bold of the damned and painted tribal tatoo’s across his body and face praising Vanir for the opportunity to battle and the wealth won from the day. The lodge was searched, minor items of interest were found as the insides of the lodge and it’s attic where cleared. Once the party was sure they were safe they camped in the attic somber about not finding the ancient knife heirloom to Johann. In the morning as the party set back towards camp they wondered what happened to the lost knife put thankful again that some of the wilderness, (at least for now), was claimed for humanity.


Interesting thing that happened to the knife. In game our characters don’t know it was swiped, out of game it caused a stir. Mike did a good job of opening up that conversation about dividing treasure and the value of magic items in a post apocalyptic fantasy world.

Treasure or Trust
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