The Chronicles of Etinerra

Troll 2, Adventurers 0

‘Tis at times like these, I feel like a man thrice my age.

It began when Enonian Leadership developed a burr under their saddle with regards to the Bridge Troll. So great was the reward promised that a pack of townsmen who lacked a sense of their own limitations charged headlong into oblivion.
The desire to rid Enonia of this longstanding thorn even spread to a few of my comrades. I argued strenuously against such a venture with a thrust of three prongs. Firstly, that we had no ethical grounds for killing a sentient creature that preyed not and made no demands on humanity, save to be left alone, within the sanctuary of his home. Secondly, that such an assault risked the enmity of his offspring. And, lastly but not of least import, I judged the odds of success perilously close to equal in both directions.

I was certain that sentiment had been turned from such a course of action, but, alas, such was not the case. Upon assemblage, fever to best Father Troll reemerged and spread like wildfire. I could not countenance such an endeavor and so declined to participate.

Those who did wert not to be seen again, save for distant sightings of their lonely heads resting upon stakes.

Treen – The most promising fledgling wizard I have yet seen on the Eastern Borders. Truly I believe she was on the cusp of significant power and, viewed through the prism of tactical value, her demise was the single most costly loss of the day.
Dargellon – Though we were opposed in judgment with regards to Father Troll, his courage and martial prowess needs be respected, and I am proud to have fought alongside him on many occasions.
Harold Trotter – The enigmatic Littleling hath been exploring beyond Enonia even longer than myself, which can be said by few. To where and for why he would vanish for long periods was unbeknownst and may forever remain that way. ‘Tis also a pity that we hath no remaining allies amongst the Little Ones.
The remainder – Kallista, Zandalfar, Kalvin of the Eye, and Sofie – were largely unfamiliar to me, all save Kallista being newcomers to the area.

One hopes that the fates of these heroes and hopefuls will not quash the slow trickle of talent into Enonia.
Perhaps more will emerge.
Perhaps when spring returns.
But for now, the list of adventurers is limited and likewise my zeal for seeing lives risked.

Beacon of the Light


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