Former sailor, current carousing archer and elf of many talents.


Class: Fighter/Thief
Alignment: Lawful
Race: Elf
Level: 3/4
Hp: 23
Age: 132
Height: 5’ 2"
Weight: 107
Sex: Male
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green

Str: 12 (To Hit: 0, Damage: 0, Encumbrance: +10, Minor Test: 1-2, Major Test: 4)
Dex: 16 (Surprise: +1, Missile To Hit: +1, AC: -2)
Con: 10 (HP: 0, Major Test: 75, Minor Test: 70)
Int: 9 (Add. Languages: 1)
Wis: 9 (Mental Save: 0)
Cha: 13 (Max. Henchmen: 5, Loyalty: 0, Reaction: +5%)

Belàldur (pronounced bel-LOL-d(y)oor) peppers his conversations with references to ships and the sea. He is in the habit of finding a place where he can stand unnoticed when arriving somewhere for the first time, but tends to “hide in plain sight” while carousing, trying to gain the most from tall tales of his past and his exotic features when trying to woo the ladies. He typically travels with a bow, a longsword, and a handaxe, all of elven design.


Belàldur virtually lived on a boat for the first 71 years of his life. A native of the northeastern elven coastal lands and a member of one of their “ships,” he intended to sail the seas for all his years, but was drawn into exploring the mainland initially by a band of goblyns that had stolen his grandfather’s bow, and then found that he couldn’t stop exploring; his wanderlust grew to the point that he traveled through mountain passes, and through the lands of men and littlings and other elves. Eventually he came to the Duchy of Irecia and, upon seeing all of the troubles and interesting things surrounding the keep of Enonia, decided this is where he would call home for the time being.

Since then, he has helped with retaking a human settlement from orcs, cleansing the Monastery of St. Essex, and rescuing Sir Ynivax and his men from an Irecian castle under siege by orcs. He has has been named a ‘Hero of the Barony.’


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