Sir Chaddius Reynald


Chaddius Reynald is a recent arrival to Enonia, having been sent there by the King to assist Marshall Victor Roehm in his efforts to stem the tide against the orcs and goblyns. Reynald arrived with a private guard and some cavalry, but he did not bring many troops. Although the Marshall is still the declared Lord of the lands of Enonia, it has become clear within a half season that Reynald is issuing the orders that are being obeyed. Rumors abound that he has no tolerance for any religion other than the Light, that he has very little tolerance of the meddling of adventurers and that he is there more to pad his own reputation than to save Enonia.

As of the first day of Fall, 57 AD, Reynald re-instituted laws on landowner service to Enonia and Lord as well as increased taxes. He has declared that he will be raising an army to protect Enonia, but the farmers and landowners must bear a portion of the burden.


Sir Chaddius Reynald

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