The Chronicles of Etinerra

A Toast to Anya
Late at night at a tavern in Enonia...

As you enter the mostly-empty watering hole, you see the young man Dargellon sitting at a table in the corner, his unkempt black hair falling down almost to his reddened eyes. On the tabletop, you spot 2 bottles, one completely empty and one halfway finished. He waves an older man standing near the table to sit with his left hand, clutching a glass of some dark liquid in his right.

“Nice funeral, eh? It’s the least we coulda done for her. She went out like a flamin’ hero. Yeah, you heard right, I was there at the end. Heh, yeah, I guess I could tell the story… again.” Light from the nearby lamp seems to make the scar running up the side of his head glow as he leans back to begin.

“That spellflinger Treen told you true; we had gone out that morning to lay down a false trail for the orcs to follow. Mostly it was me and Irem and that new buddy of his laying the trail; Anya wanted to go get another look at what was happening at the hamlet. I hadn’t decided if I trusted her yet, but I gotta admit, between her attitude and her string of orc ears, I kinda liked her.”

“Anyway, when she got back, she was in a flamin’ fit over what the orcs were doin’ in the hamlet. Told us they were startin’ some mumbo-jumbo ritual that was buildin’ up to something big. We decided Anya and I would go back to that hamlet to see if there was a way ‘ta stop it, and Irem would go back to warn the others. Our horses would be spotted, so I handed ’Stomper’s reins to Irem and headed out with Anya on foot.”

“When we got there, we could hear the noises of the orcs gettin’ all worked up with this ritual they’d started. We couldn’t get too close without being seen, but even that far out I could tell it was one of the ugliest things I’d seen since those flamin’ flyin’ kobolds spat their goo in my face. The orcs had human prisoners trussed up in front of some warped spellflingin’ shaman, complete with a nasty-lookin’ staff with a flamin’ skull at the end, I think with one of those bloody eye symbols they use on it. Around him, there were these strange-lookin’ orcs that I’d swear looked half human, but also stronger and tougher than your usual orcs.”

“The ceremony was definitely buildin’ up to the end, judging by all the ruckus the orcs were makin’. I was desperate to try and stop whatever was going on, so I got my longbow ready and pulled out a silver-head arrow, hopin’ that even if I couldn’t hit anything from this far, I could maybe distract ‘em with the arrow, or maybe some light shinin’ off the silver. I pulled back and let it fly, and nobody noticed – it hit one of the buildings, but nobody even heard with all the noise. In the meantime, the shaman punches into a prisoner’s chest and pulls his heart out.”

“I felt like I was drenched in sweat by the time I had another arrow notched, and when I let loose it was a really bad shot, not even getting close to reaching the orcs nearest to us. That bastard shaman ripped out another heart from the next poor soul and held it high. We knew whatever flamin’ spell this ritual was starting was about to go off.”

“’We’re runnin’ out of prisoners,’ I growled as I tried to wipe my fingers dry. As I drew another arrow, I told Anya, ‘Anything you can think of that could help out…’ ‘Aim straight, shoot true’ was all she said. I drew back to my cheek and released.”

“Nearest I could tell, it slammed into the shaman square in the chest. At least, all that damn noise stopped. The last thing I think I saw was him falling, then I had dropped the bow and we were running hard as we could outta there. It wasn’t long before we heard the roars of their battle rage building up behind us.”

“For awhile, we thought we might make it, but one of their flamin’ patrols spotted us; a dozen armed riders. Anya asked what I wanted to do, and I said we should try and take one off his horse, then hop on and try to ride outta there. I set my halberd for the charge, and Anya guarded my back, but it was no good. They came in too fast, and a weapon cut into me about the same time that I got a good kick from one of their warhorses. My halberd didn’t come near to any of ’em.”

“I got up with a groan as their horses started to wheel around for another charge. I looked down to see how bad I was bleedin’, and I realized we weren’t likely to live through another pass. That’s when Anya gave me a good shove and yelled ‘Get back to them!’ at me. I knew what she was doin’, but my legs were moving before I could think to stop her, let alone realize that I couldn’t. She had raised her string of orc ears high and was shoutin’ battle cries at them at the top of her lungs. I ducked my head into the tall grass and ran like hell. I heard the sounds of Anya’s last stand behind me as I ran, trying to stay out of sight.”

“I managed to get back to the others unseen, along the way sucking down some of the healing juice that preacher Mazlor had given me to stop the bleeding. When I got to them, and they asked me where she was, All I could make myself say was, ’Anya’s gone’. Mazlor and I found the body later, everything but the head.”

“So here’s to ya, Anya,” Dargellon says, raising his glass in toast, “I hardly knew her, but she gave her life to save mine, even after I swore…” He trails off, a look of pain twisting his face, then drains his glass. Staring off at nothing, he begins again, speaking softly at first, but building in intensity: “Well, it’s a helluva way to go. Gotta hand it to her. Hit your enemies one last time, and save somebody to live to fight another day… Of course, we can’t all be as lucky as old Colgash, to walk out with a flamin’ army straight onto an open field and SIT RIGHT DOWN ON SOME DAMNED ZOMBIES…!”

He throws his empty glass at the far wall with all the force he can muster, shattering it. Ignoring the bellows of the barkeep, he slumps back down into his chair. “All over now. No goin’ back. It.. shoulda been.. me…”

His eyes roll back, and he passes out face-first on the table.

An Unexpected Rescue
From Rhys' Journal

[January 27, 2011]

I have been abed with fever and . . . more unpleasant things . . . for the better part of a week. It is only now, my body finally clear of the contagion of the rat’s bite, that I can think clearly enough to write of the trek that landed me in this bed at the temple in Enonia.

Although Lars, Talos, and I, men of the wilderness all, were particularly interested in determining the truth or falsity of certain rumors about a druid burial mound in the forests north of what used to be the Wayfarers’ Inn, Mazlor, in his wisdom, and Shoeless Joe, in his greed, convinced the three of us it were better to make an expedition to the ancient dwarven mines to the south.

However, on the morn we were to start our trek, Shoeless Joe was not to be found. “Probably drunk in an alley somewhere,” muttered Mazlor. So to augment our numbers Mazlor hired three of the locals who have come to hold him in high regard—some quite high, as we were later to learn.

Chacci seemed a slight man, so we made him torch-bearer only. I was leary of arming Ralath with anything sharper than a club (the man drinks almost as much as Shoeless Joe, if that is possible) but he and Isty, a devout follower of the Light, we made our spearmen/bowmen.

The trip to the mines was uneventful. We entered from the south and soon uncovered the crevasse that leads into the deep mines. We brought enough spikes and rope to leave them there permanently, descended into the mines, and headed east down one of the major mining tunnels.

We made good time, and soon found ourselves in front of a massive spiked door, beyond which was a large room filled with iron tables and benches. There was another door in each of the four walls, and above each door was a strange circular crystal, sort of window-like, embedded with the three-fingered hand sign of the Dark Ones. While we were exploring this room, two rock-men emerged from the floor and accosted us, but they did not survive long under the scything of Lars’ blade or the crushing of Mazlor’s mace.

We continued east, and passing through another massive corridor, we came to another large room—this one with a tower in the middle of it, and a quarter-round tower in each corner. There were four doors in the center tower, one for each cardinal direction, and above each door another of those strange, window-like crystals embedded with an iron symbol of the Dark Ones. A similar door, and similar crystal, was in the center of each quarter-round tower, facing the tower in the middle. This all we determined after making a full circuit of the room. But we first had to deal with the room’s other strange occupant.

We heard the flat sound of metal against stone, like the regular stomp of one metal foot. It was out of sight but in front of us and drawing closer, so I tossed one of Chacci’s torches as far toward it as I could, and in the flicker of light we finally saw it: a metal sphere the size of a man’s head, bouncing in a graceful arch about waist high. As the torch passed over it, the strange sphere stopped and reversed direction, bouncing near the sputtering torch momentarily before coming back toward us.

We had all encountered the other spherical metal monsters of these passages before, so fearing we were about to be attacked, I nocked and loosed one of my cloth-yard shafts. The arrow struck true, but merely glanced off the smooth surface. The sphere came inexorably on, never wavering in rhythm, its pace almost casual. It came right at us—and bounded right through our group without so much as a casual touch. I shouted at it in elvish and then in orcish, but provoked no response. Had any of us known ancient dwarven, we would have tried that tongue. The sphere simply continued on in what we later determined was a regular circuit of the room.

The sphere, while odd, was apparently not a threat, so we turned our attention to the tower in the middle of the room. The door resisted both my attempts and Mazlor’s to open it, but Talos was successful—to his chagrin, as he was immediatley set upon by a swarm of human-faced worms. They shattered his shield, rended his flesh with their mouths, and knocked him down, unmoving, to the stone floor.

Mazlor shouted to Isty to toss oil on the things, and I followed with my torch. The scent of their burning flesh filled our noses as Mazlor and Lars hacked the remaining ones to pieces.

While Mazlor and Lars (and Isty, who was in awe of Mazlor’s healing powers—I’ve never heard anyone, not even Mazlor, chant “Praise be the Light!” so many times) tended to a comatose Talos, I attempted to capture the bouncing metal sphere in one of our large sacks. I fit the sack over the sphere easily enough, but immediately felt its strength. Rather than get dragged around the room, I let the sack and the sphere go. There would be other opportunities to learn more about these spheres later.

With Talos conscious at last, although pale and weakened, we made short work of examining the interior of the tower. A wrought-iron circular stair ran up the middle of the tower to the fifth—and top—floor. Small windows on that floor faced the quarter-round towers in the corners of the larger room. We found some gems in a chest in the top chamber, but—thankfully—no more worm-things. Judging the tower safe and secure, we spiked the doors shut and made camp for the night on the ground floor.

Had we not left the lantern burning, we might not have made our most significant find of the trip. Or, more accurately, we might not have been found.

It was Ralath’s ears that picked up the whispers during his watch, whispers in a musical tongue he did not understand. When he awakened me I, too, heard the whispers—and could not mistake the sound of native elven speech debating whether or not to knock on the door between us.

At this point, more than a week after my illness has passed, it is well-known in Enonia that we rescued two young elves, Avaren and Hiasur, from the dwarven mine. They were the remnants of a larger group who, many weeks or months ago, went into the mines to seal away the Dark Ones. Araven an Hiasur were sent with a contingent of six or so other elves to find the Dwarven Hall of Records. There was some kind of disaster, and this smaller group was separated from the rest of their party. They have been wandering the mines since, looking for a way out. They were weaponless and starving. How they have managed to survive boggles the mind, and they were surprised and relieved to hear that we knew a way out.

Later in the night, we heard one of the spherical, four-legged metal creatures enter the larger outside room, but we did not hear it leave. It came with another bouncing metal sphere. It was, of course, waiting for us in the morning. We prepared for it in the tower, hoping that when it attacked, it would not be able to fit through the door.

It fit through the door easily, attacking me instantly, but giving Mazlor and Lars the opportunity to flank it and attack until it, as usual, exploded with a rush of hot energy.

With almost all of us wounded in some way, and the elves weak and tired, we decided to head back.

In the large tunnel just before the way out, another guardian was waiting for us. It was accompanied by three more bouncing metal spheres. Again, it rushed us, and again we defeated it, taking more wounds, but none of us fell. The smaller spheres never attack, but since they apparently bring the guardians, they are just as dangerous.

The two giant rats waiting for us at the top of the crevasse were no challenge after the guardians, but the wounds they inflicted left me weak and feverish for days afterward.

I am not as fervent in my veneration of the Light as Isty or Mazlor, but I am grateful for the kind care I have received in the temple.

Talos and Teela, excited by the news that the elves were searching for the Hall of Records, have decided that on our next trip to the mines finding it again should be our focus. Teela has been there before, and mentioned many heavy stone tablets with dwarven writing. Talos believes whatever is written thereon could hold some key to vanquishing the Dark Ones. It will take many trips to get those tablets out of the mine, and a horse-drawn cart to get them back to Enonia. I would rather hunt goblins in the forests, but if Talos is right, then our expedition will be worthwhile.

To Free some slaves and kill some Orcs
From Treen’s Journal

18th Day of Summer, Myself, Jorann, Mazlor, Talos, Irem, Dargellan and Oliphas, along with a multitude of hirelings and henchman set off for the hamlet to the West or Tangorin’s Tower. The going was slow, Irem had worked well at the market and with Sir Yinivax, but with a party of almost 30 and a large supply wagon there was no sneaking around! We took our horses, we may as well be somewhat comfortable.

The end of the first day saw us by the Inn, we did manage to manhandle the wagon through the woods around the Troll bridge. One of the hirelings spotted some flying creatures in the woods, naturally the two rangers went to have a look. Some while later they came back, Dargellan looking a little worse for wear, apparently these creatures were flying Kobolds that could spit poison (I thought the Kobiolds were wiped out byt the goblins….. they must have captured some and are now experimenting with them). No major harm done and we set watches and rested for the night. Two uneventful days later we arrived at the Tower, our base for the raid on the slave market.

We made camp here and then the seven of us went to observe what is happening at the hamlet, we had planned to arrive before the goblins and orcs and prepare a trap. Unfortunately as we approached we could see the smoke from campfires, our timing was wrong. We hung back and Irem went to investigate further. After some time he came back with Anya (as promised she did find us), things were clearly not as expected. We returned to camp and Anya explained there was something big happening, they had arrived some days earlier with lots of boxes, some celebration seemed to be coming soon. More unfortunately instead of being around 30 orcs and goblins, there was more like 90, a significant number being orcs. They also had roving horseback patrols consisting of 12 orcs.

After some discussion we decided to ambush one of the patrols and then wait for the goblins to leave with the humans and then take them out and rescue the prisoners. Anya knew the patrol route so befor daybreak a group of us went out to make an obvious trail across the path to lead the patrol into our ambush. This is where it gets a bit fuzzy, a lot happened quickly. Anya and Dargellan headed off to the hamlet to see what was happening, the rest of us went back to the camp to gather the troops. Having got the troops moving towards the ambush site we rode ahead. Fortunately Oliphas spotted the patrol, and gave us sufficient warning to prepare. They were extremely organized, keeping well out of spell range they surrounded us, then charged, we did get some spells off and cut the odds down but orcs on warhorses is not a good thing. Several got through and we took some damage, for somereason the leader decided to pick on me! Talos did manage to charm him which gave me time to remove myself, but he chased me. Eventually Talos, and I think Irem, tried to rush him. Then a strange thing happened, he saw them and immediately killed himself and then the few remaining orcs killed themselves. We did collect a few items, including nine warhorses.

Two orcs were asleep so we bound them and put them on horses to take back to camp, this activity did wake them. Suddenly a rather beaten up Dargellan appeared, there was no sign of Anya. He began to relay his story. He and Anya had seen two of the prisoners strung up in front of the large building and all the orcs were chanting. A shaman appeared and was clearly in the final throws of an unpleasant ceremony. Dargellan did manage to kill the Sharman with a shot through the heart (no mean feat as he must have been 150 yards away……) but not before the hearts of the two human sacrifices were ripped from their bodies (I hate orcs). Unfortunately this did stir the pot, Anya and Dargellan did manage to clear the area but were eventually found by a patrol. They were ridden down and Dargellan suffered a lot of damage in the initial charge. He told us how Anya then pushed him away, told him to run and then turned to face the reforming patrol……
We headed back to camp. Along the way one of the orcs managed to free himself and before we could stop him he rode off. We trussed up the remaining orc like a mummy, no way he was going to escape! Irem and Skallagrim had gone back to spy on the hamlet, Skallagrim returned to tell us a large party with outriders was heading our way, Irem was taunting them, but apparently nobody was giving chase. Irem retuned and said they went to the ambush site and picked up the bodies then left.

The question was no what? We knew the goblins came fro the woods and should be heading west at some point, if this was a regular occurrence then there should be a track somewhere. It was to the North. We found a suitable place for an ambush. Mazlor and Dargellan went back to the place where he and Anya had encountered the patrol. They found Anya’s headless body, our worst fears were realized, they brough it back, Anya was going to have a proper burial in Enonia. Irem watched the hamlet and after once again harassing the column came back to tell us they were on the move. We prepared out positions and waited. The weirdest thing happened, as we settled down Colgash suddenly stood up and said the earth was moving under him. Poor soul, he was sat upon two Damned. Unfortunately we could not kill them before they got Colgash. The hirelings were getting a little nervous but we calmed them down and soon we heard the goblins coming. The plan worked well, Talos entwined the front section, I put some to sleep in the middle, Mazlor and Jorann held a few and the archers significantly reduced the numbers. One of his body guards grabbed the held leader and chased after the remaining goblins who were running away. The body guard managed to rally them and during the ensuing melee I freed the captives. After some chasing Talos and Mazlor captured the leader and his bodyguards (Entangle is almost as good as Sleep).

We regrouped at the Tower and between the wagon and horses we could transport the emaciated prisoners with some ease. OUR prisoners took their place and carried the beams. We rested, fed and watered the prisoners and then made our way back to Enonia, fortunately it was free of any adventure, with a party this size and several prisoners things could have got very chaotic. As we exited the woods to the West we did spot a group of goblins tracking parallel to us who did not look happy, they left us alone but there are changes afoot.

As we headed into Enonia we met Sir Yinivax with some Royal Knights, he did not seem happy as he sighted the goblins, he knows the shaky truce is over, while he is happy we freed the human prisoners he is concerned that Enonia is now in grave danger. However, upon hearing we have a captured orc he brightens up considerably.. We handed over our prisoners and arranged to meet him shortly…. I fear some serious discussions and decisions are soon to be had.

Off to kill some Goblins

(an extract from Treen’s journal)

I along with, Oliphas. Teela, Alana, Kee, Irem, Mazlor and Talos (a Druid who has joined our merry band of adventurers) went to rid the monastery of the deformed goblins and in particular kill the Shaman we had last seen on our trip to the crevice. After some discussion we decided to take a handful of henchmen with us to even up the numbers and prevent us from being mobbed.

We had a fairly uneventful trip to the crevice itself, four flying creatures decided to attack us, but they were quickly dispatched. On the way we did notice that the darkness pervading the monastery was dispelled in and around the room of the restored Fountain of the Light. Alas upon reaching the crevice we discovered the A-frame was totally destroyed and the ropes dropped to the bottom. Obviously from our last visit those chasing us had made their way up after us. Fortunately we had more than enough rope and tying some around the stone alter we could descend to the room below. With such a large group it took some time and clearly was difficult to be quiet.

Our original plan was to get to the upper room, cross the river and prepare traps at the tunnel entrances. Unfortunately the Goblins had other plans. As we entered the cavern and cautiously made our way through six goblins stood up on the other side of the river and started to fire crossbows at us. They were organized, working in pairs one as a loader the other to fire. Clearly our plan was ruined and we now had the prospect of a pitched battle. Fortunately we had more cover and managed to make it to the river and with our own bows we started to pick off the crossbowmen. Unfortunately more goblins appeared at the entrances of the tunnels and everything got a little crazy. We started to cross the river at the ford but it was slow going. Irem and Mazlor got across and had several goblins upon them, Irem took several serious hits before Alana could get across to heal him. The goblins kept coming, I put quite a few to sleep and Talos was liberal with his use of Faerie Fire. Soon three large mutated Goblins came out shortly followed by two more and the Shaman, who was carrying the wand we had seen before. As I readied Magic Missiles an arrow flew over my head, one of the Goblins had picked up a dropped crossbow! My Magic Missile was far more effective than I expected and immediately killed the Shaman. What happened next was even more astounding, all the goblins dropped their weapons in surrender and began to wail terribly. We quickly disarmed them and then tied them up, there was talk of killing them, but Mazlor and Alana had some misgivings about this, so we left them tied up, picking one to interrogate. Apart from the wand the Shaman had a pair of evil looking bracers, Talos did detect they were magical… food for thought!

From the Goblin we learned that the Shaman was communicating to the Master, the Goblins where being brought down from above ground to be made ‘perfect’. Apparently the journey to the darkness was by raft along the river flowing on the other side of the caves. We took the Goblin with us and he guided us through the caves showing us the living quarters of the Shaman. There we found his spell-book and a candlestick and added them to the haul. The walls were covered in old, filthy and ragged tapestries – they looked like they had been taken from the monastery above.

We headed to the river through the caves and came across two rafts, unfortunately they would only carry six each, so we sent three henchmen back to the cave with the goblin. We divided the party between the boats. the river was fast flowing so Teela and Kee manned the poles of the rafts. After some time and a rather turbulent ride we saw a web strung across the river. Teela and Kee did an excellent job in stopping the rafts. We tried to burn the web with torches, while it burnt the effect was minimal. Suddenly a wicked looking spider appeared by Kee, strangely it was on its back. Oliphas was about to strike when it disappeared again. Suddenly it re-appeared and lunged for Kee, fortunately missing her. As we struck at it Oliphas took off one of its legs, sending green sticky goo everywhere. Unfortunately this did not kill it and now it seemed enraged and Oliphas became the target. He would have been bitten had he not got his shield in the way at the last minute. The effect would have been fatal judging by the fate of the shield, it burnt up. We struck it some more (I tried to at least) and managed to kill it. We made a big enough hole in the web to get through and carried on. Eventually the river slowed down and we appeared to be in a vast expanse rather than tunnel. We explored the area and found it to be a large cavern, with a tunnel opposite the entrance we had come into. As we explored more we discovered a landing area and a cliff and then some of the large mushrooms. Some of the party thought they knew were this was, others were not sure. Oliphas pointed out it was getting late in the day and we should be heading back, not exploring more.

A long haul back up the river and we made it back to the landing stage. As we headed back to the cavern where we left the goblins tied up and our trusty henchmen we heard the goblins wailing again, this time it sounded happy rather than sad – the sounds of fighting could also be heard, not good signs. We rushed on to discover three mud demons, like the ones we have met before. We attacked them, normal weapons did not bother them and we soon discovered that if you sliced them up they just reformed. Teela put his hand in one to grab the jewel, unfortunately it reformed around him and he was temporarily trapped. Talos and one of the henchmen grappled this one and they eventually managed to push it into the river, where it was washed away. The other two were finally dispatched permanently by Alana’s Spiritual Hammer. Sadly the three henchmen we had left behind were dead.

I must sit down and talk to Teela about those Shaman items, perhaps we should see Parabellum?

Under the Monastary

As told by Talos to a hushed crowd around the fire in the common room of the Mug and Pot

“We set out from the North gate of Enonia at dawn with a host ready for battle. Our ranks bristled with spear and sword. Sunlight glinted from Shield and Armor. Among our ranks were many of Enonia’s rising stars. Two representatives of the Church of Light – Mighty Mazlor and the Blessed Alana. Two fierce elven warriors, Teela and Kee. The sly Irem and mysterious Treen. And not the least, the silent Oliphas, a fellow lover of the wilds. Seven other brave men of Enonia, looking to make names of their own, filled out our troop.”

“Our mission? To rid the sacred monastery of the taint of the Dark Ones. By mid-day we had arrived and we marched down into the ancient hallways of the old Monastery. Our foot falls rang like hammer blows down the silent hallways and our torchlight was swallowed by pressing darkness. We made for the Altar in the main chapel and found what we sought; two gaping crevices in the marble floors at the foot of the Altar. A foul reek spilled out of the dark holes at our feet.”

“One by one we descended by rope into an enormous cavern below. We pressed on through the dank cavern into an even larger chamber and made our way to a large gap in the ceiling from which a trickle of water poured. This time, our host ascended by rope into a narrow passage, washed smooth and slick by water over untold years.”

“We knew what lay ahead of us. A wide cavern, split by a river and filled with jagged stalagmites like teeth in the mouth of a dragon. On the other side of the river our foes awaited us. Goblins. But not like those green wretches which skulk under the bows of the Darkwood. These were something altogether different and malevolent. Warped and twisted by the magics of the dark ones, these Goblins were strong, cunning and altogether wicked.”

“Our vanguard entered the room cautiously, picking their way from rock to rock when from across the swift river a cry was raised! Leering red faces appeared from behind cover and crossbow bolts whistled and clattered about us. We knew it was only a matter of time before our assailant’s cries brought forth a horde of their brethren. With a word and a gesture, Teela blanketed the minds of the crossbowmen with overwhelming weariness and they fell to the floor in a deep slumber. None remained to oppose us.”

“We rushed toward the treacherous ford knowing that if our whole host could not cross quickly our forces would be divided and crushed by the approaching goblin horde. No sooner had the first of us set foot on the other side of the river than swarms of Goblins swept out of tunnels around us.”

“Sure-footed Irem was the first across and was immediatly engaged by three foes with more goblins rapidly closing. Mazlor, Alana and Teela all crossed the swirling waters and tried to form a line to shield the rest of the troops crossing the river. Oliphas and Kee picked off targets from across the river with their bows. Treen ensorcelled more of the goblins and they slipped into deep sleep.”

“But it was not enough. Still more Goblins poured forth. Irem and Mazlor took grave wounds and a score of Goblins converged on our four man front, threatening to drive them back into the river! Then, to our horror, the great Goblin Shaman and his elite guard emerged from the tunnels. Our forces were split, our front line crumbling and our most powerful adversaries had now just entered the fray.”

“The situation was dire. Then, when things looked darkest, a brilliant flash of light erupted from Treen and streaked across the cavern, striking the Goblin Shaman. The Shamans head turned to pulp, like a rotten tomato under hammer and he fell to the floor lifeless and twitching.”

“In harmony, the horde of Goblins clutched their heads and shrieked. The loss of their master left them momentarily senseless and purposeless. We quickly seized the advantage and rounded up the gibbering goblins under sword point and bound them.”

“We questioned one Goblin to learn only that the Shaman was not the source of evil, only it’s lowly hand-puppet. We learned that we must take rafts and journey down the subterranean river to find the home of ‘the dark’, as our Goblin prisoner called it. So that is what we did. Leaving behind Lersen, Cormore and Marstad to keep a watchful eye on our captives, twelve of us floated toward an unknown evil.”

“As we drifted along in the swift current the fabric of reality around us began to twist. The river flowed at impossible angles and we floated with it. We waited nervously to find out whether or not we would be turned upside down and be dashed against the ceiling or pitched forward over what was surely a waterfall… But it never happened. “

“Eventually we drifted into a massive chamber which radiated a sickly purple light. Stretching across the chamber was a massive spider web. Our pole bearers anchored our rafts in place as we stared aghast at the web and shuddered at the thought of a creature that could have spun such a thing. But it was not long before its creator made itself known.”

“A massive spider shimmered into existence on the edge of our raft mere feet from where I stood! The monster’s eyes locked onto the diminutive Teela, thinking her an easy meal. But lads, let me tell you, you have not met her match in any man in Enonia! While still holding onto the pole that anchored us in the river current she ducked and dodged her way out from under pulsating red fangs, dripping with deadly venom!”

“From the center of the raft, stout Oliphas reared back and dealt a stunning blow to the spider! Wounded and enraged it lunged at him, dripping green ichor from a gaping wound. The chitinous shell of the creature turned our sword blows as it bore Oliphas to the ground and bit down with it’s fearsome fangs! In the nick of time Oliphas managed to wedge his shield between himself and the deadly attack. The fangs locked onto the shield and the wood melted to jelly with it’s virulence! As we distracted the spider from it’s prey with glancing strikes, Oliphas rolled out from underneath. On his feet again Oliphas reared back and struck true a second time and the grotesque thing screeched, fell into the water and sank out of sight.”

“Exhausted from battle and not knowing what more lay before us we turned our rafts around and made our way back to our Goblin prisoners. Returning to the cavern we found, to our horror, that demons had overtaken the watchmen we had left behind and were devouring them! My companions were clearly prepared for these foul things; for they came bearing silvered weapons, knowing well that cold steel would not harm them. The fury of the light was something to behold as Alana and Mazlor clashed with the demons and vanquished their foes!”

“With Teela at my side we slashed at a demon which collapsed into a pile of mud only to reform and strike at us over and over again! Enraged I threw myself onto the creature and pinned its arms to it’s sides. Together with Teela, Aldred and Killas we wrestled the creature to the brink of the river and threw it in, to be dashed against the jagged rocks as it was washed away.”

“Solemnly we bore the bodies of our fallen comrades out of the caverns and back to Enonia. Rest well, brave sons of Enonia. The darkness may not be overthrown yet, but with your help we have cut off it’s right hand. One day soon we will come back for it’s head.”

The Reclaiming of Tangorin's holy artifacts
The Return to Tangorin's Tower

Great was the rejoicing in Tangorin’s shrine when Jorann returned from her journey to the Tower.
For she told a tale of much adventure!
I set off on the 33rd day of spring with my trusted companions of Mazlor the cleric, Irem the rougue, Treen the mage, Oliphus the ranger and a new adventurer Bramblebeard the druid. Also included in this adventure were a couple of hired adventurers, Chacci & Colgash.
Unfortunately, for them, we stumbled upon a group of Kobalds and sent the druid forward to parley with their leader. Apparently talks did not go well as Bramblebeard cast entangle on half of their party and a fight ensued.
I must admit, I was displeased with this as I had hoped to aid the kobalds perhaps in some guerrila type attacks against our common foe of the Goblins, but such was not to be. Then to my shame while I was busy tieing the leader whom mazlor held by spell, the druid killed all of the defenseless entangled Kobalds. He then while talking to the leader, whom it must be admitted, did not seem to be very likely to be of any help, he plunged his spear through his chest. I was forced to explain that this was not very acceptible to us and beginning fights when we were trying to parley and killing poor defenseless Kobalds does not Further the righteous cause of restoring Tangorin’s name to the world. I should point out that the rest of the party all seemed in agreement that this was not our intention.
After an otherwise fairly uneventful search for the Tower, it was found again without too much trouble. Once there I prayed to Tangorin and was rewarded with a vision of a hole in the ground off to the south east surrounded by 15 human size stone formations in 2 groups and a rectangular stone in the center. This was exactly what I was looking for as Tangorin had sent me a dream that I had to free his words which I was sure were in this stone.
So after a good night sleep in the temple (which my friend Colgash helped me clean), we set off to the south west. It took most of the day but the ranger spotted the stone forms and we approached.
My friend Irem stealthily scouted the area and came back running with 2 Cockatrices chasing him. A few moments later a 3rd appeared and battle was joined. The beasts were very tough and due to the fact that they were flying it was very difficult to hit them. Only missile weapons (which due to the winds were less accurate than usual) and whomever was being attacked could hit them. Irem used a grappling hook to bring one to earth, but since Bramblebeards entaglement could not hold it we continued to missile it to death. Treen was hit by one and we felt the ground beneath her ripple, but fortunately she shook off the effect. I should point out that Treen used her darts to great effect on him. Finaly after much damage the other 2 flew away and left us to their lair.
Which was completely empty (and smelled truly foul).
I, however, knew exactly what to do and strode forward with the grace of Tangorin upon me I smote the stone with my hammer and uncovered an ancient chest. Unfortunately it was locked and Irem could not pick it. So we decided to check the other mounds in case there might be people inside them. We found the remains of 15 people one of which was clearly a cleric of The great and magnificent Tangorin. We recovered a number of valuable items, the greatest of which were on the cleric for he had on the vestments of Tangorin, plus a golden torque with Tangorin’s symbols upon it and a holy mace also bearing Tangorins symbols! Great was my joy to see these treasures uncovered.
As it was growing late, we went back to the towere to rest, and in the morning Irem was able to open the chest revealing The Parchment containing The Words Of Tangorin! I immediately took this up to the top of the temple and prayed to my lord Tangorin. The whole party could feel the Blessing of Tangorin upon us all day. I could tell that it would take weeks of study to fully comprehend these words and vowed that I would study them as soon as possible.
We then set off back to Enonia, and the journey back was uneventful. Once we got there I begged the group to take all the other spoils, but please do not contest me for the holy artifacts of Tangorin, as I could not bear to see them in the hands of any who do not worship his name. I was greatly relieved that they agreed.
Since they had agreed, I felt obliged to acompany them as they chose to go back towards the Tower, since they wished to explore the hamlet to the east. We arrived without very much adventure and Irem sneaked up and saw a dozen orcs and goblins had somewhat restored the main building and we were considering luring them out to an ambush when we noticed a figure. We spoke with this person whom we realized was the mysterious orc-slayer. This person told us that there were 30 – 40 orcs and goblins within, and that once a month they met here so the goblins could sell slaves to the orcs. We decided to we would have to come back next month to free the slaves as we did not have the manpower to do it yet. Thus we returned home to Eononia with the only adventure being a bunch of spiders which attacked us in the dalewoods as we slept. Treen was gravely wounded, but the grace of Tangorin healed her and we were assured a week of rest and she will be good as new.
So now I am free to study the words of Tangorin!

The Dwarven Guardian Room

Scores of strange faces have descended upon Enonia as of late. Most are naught but chaff – profiteers, snagged by the lure of new money flowing into the economy (with all the king’s men many leagues away). Still, a few are different. Outdoorsmen, who speak of vaguely of interest in forces and disturbances and balances – not entirely unlike the Trollkin. They are largely dirty and unkempt and could well be hermits, perhaps of the holy variety, perhaps not. I shallt be watching them closely. And Shoeless Joe hath returned, mayhaps having drunk his entire share of our joint findings. I shalt watch him closer still.

Our destination was the remains of the Wayfarer’s Inn, our hopes being that the dragon had driven out the goblins, but that we could yet find where the cellar entrance had been, and excavate our way in.
Fire beetles dining on venison impeded our path, but we were happy to delay until they were done, relieved to have only encountered them and not The Dragon. Our hopes of tunneling in withered upon inspection of the ruins. No hints of the former layout remained and our memories failed to recollect the precise cellar location. With no guidance, we had no desire to dig aimlessly, and abandoned our plan.

Our next sojourn was to the Dwarven Mine. The area remained unchanged from our last visit, particularly that there was no sign of orcs left behind to occupy the region. We found our way in through one of the known entrances. A hidden door was located, but, saving for an unpleasant trap, none could find a thing of note in the short corridor beyond.

Next we stumbled across a pathetic kobold survivor and the rodents he considered pets or guards. He claimed, with plausible sincerity, that the king, his clan, and his family had been slaughtered and he hoped only to survive and find more of his kind. Some seemed as if they might make to slay him, but he was permitted to tell his tale and be on his way.

We excavated some rock and carefully lowered ourselves down a series of ledges. Had they not been prior traversed in safety by Teela and others, I know not whether I should have attempted such a climb. The descent placed us in an enormous labyrinth of Dwarven mining tunnels. A major branch was chosen and we followed it far. Along the way, we chanced upon some form of demon imp, but the pest presumably respected our numbers and fled. Having no desire to stray from the path or meet any of his associates, we pursued it not.

The corridor came to pass, none too soon, in the form of a giant spiky door. We opened it and peered inside, finding it to be enormous. The room inscription spoke of guardians, and we, running low on light sources and feeling unprepared for such a great undertaking, turned back.

On the return, we were stopped by an undying patrol, consisting of two dwarven corpses and one of their automatons. The dwarves were appropriately cowed by the Light and the contraption put up little fight.

Back in the upper level, we did a brief bit of reconnaissance and mapping, exeunting the hill by means of another corridor.

Mazlor, beacon of the Light

New and terrible revelations in the wilderlands
Excerpts from Kjeld's holy journal

Bless my beard, but we’ve had a rough time of it in the Eastern Borders of late. I daresay it will take the full strength of the gods, both old and new, to turn back the looming threat in the wilderness. Our outlook is even more dire after this most recent foray into the wilderness.

In the waning days of winter, I set out with Jorann, Dargellon, Oliphus, Treen and Mazlor to seek out Tangorin’s Shrine, from whence Jorann hoped to receive mystical visions. Heading east on the road — a mere trail of broken rocks through the dense forest, in truth — we avoided the troll bridge and came upon the abandoned wayfarers’ inn by the end of the day. It had been utterly destroyed, and footprints around the site pointed to the involvement of the dragon that has been menacing the skies of late. We wisely decided not to tarry, but continued our quest northeast toward Tangorin’s shrine.

Our next waypoint was a ruined manor house situated in the grasslands just east of the Darkwoods. We found a few trinkets of value here, which suggests that further exploration may be in order. We stayed but one night behind its collapsed walls before continuing northeast toward the shrine.

On our third day in the wilderness, a deep, frigid cold swept through the region, chilling us to the bone and hampering our progress through the grasslands. After a half-day’s journey northeast, we came upon a small thorpe — and beheld a crew of vicious orcs milling around in the central courtyard!

Suicidal bravado gripped our party, and we charged blindly into battle astride our noble steeds. I, along with Dargellon and Oliphus, met the enemy head on, but our charge was stymied by the cruel machinations of the orcs — they carried death-sticks that spat smoke and fire, chewing through armor and flesh alike. Unhorsed, I flung my enchanted warhammer through the air in a vain attempt to smite the fusiliers, but it was to no avail — a third volley of fire battered into me, and I fell insensate to the ground.

When I came to, the battle was over and my party was preparing to depart with all haste. I gathered that an orc had escaped — on mine own horse, no less! — and was doubtless on his way to rally reinforcements. In my weakened state, I could do little more than cling to the saddle was we headed west, toward the safety of Enonia.

One last detour remained before we returned. In the Darkwoods, we sought out the mysterious trollkin, who appeared and told us, in their childish ways, that the elves stationed at the abandoned mines had been slaughtered by the orcs. This troubled us deeply, as the mines were a mere half-day’s march from Enonia! Armed with this grim news, we hastened back to Enonia to inform the Marshall via Yinivax, his castellan.

We had intended to bring back both an orcish prisoner and two of the accursed death-sticks to show the marshal, but my faith got the better of me — Vanir, the Voice on the Northern Wind, appeared to me in a vision, cursing us for retrieving the death-sticks and ordering me to destroy them and to kill the prisoner at once. He revealed that the orcs — marked as they were with the sign of a great eyeball — served a dark god, just as I served Vanir. Thus they were certainly religious zealots who believed they were doing the dark work of their lord. We killed the prisoner and cast bless on the firearms, causing them to explode.

(((FOR PCs ONLY)))Back in Enonia, we got a shock whilst delivering our customary report to Yinivax. The castellan informed us that the marshal had suffered a breakdown and was no longer in command of either his own faculties nor of Enonia’s garrison. Yinivax himself held the frontier town together, and he intimated that he relied more and more on our reports from the dark wilderness.(((FOR PCs ONLY)))

We vowed to redouble our efforts in this, and set out after a week’s rest to investigate reports that the elves occupying the mines were indeed dead.

(((FOR PCs ONLY)))Alas, it was all too true. A well-built palisade in the clearing outside the mine entrance showed signs of a pitched battle, with slain horses and elves piled everywhere. No dead orcs were to be found anywhere. Perhaps they carried off their dead to perform unspeakable burial rites? Perhaps dead orcs turned to dust after sundown? We had no way of knowing. Indeed, after poking around the mines a bit more, we left with more questions than answers.(((FOR PCs ONLY)))

It appears that a storm is gathering over Enonia, and its strength and fury may prove to be the doom of us all.

A dark trip to the Monastery
Treen's report as told to the Marshall

The group consisting of Alana, Irem, Mazlor, Oliphas, Teela and Treen headed for the Monastery to further explore the depths. As they passed the Northern homesteads they noticed any signs of life. Upon further investigation it seems the inhabitants had packed up and gone. This was not look like a hasty escape but a planned move. We noticed the tower was still present, but now there was a blue haze extending beneath it, we decided not to investigate this further. Some had met the Wizard and while definitely weird, he did not seem an immediate threat.

Reaching the ruins we discovered piles of bones all around. Carefully prodding a pile, it collapsed to reveal a humanoid skull with the mark of the 3 Fingers carved into the forehead. We moved on into the ruins, Mazlor and Alana noticed a definite darkness about the place and the walls seemed different. We headed towards the NE corner of the Monastery. As we moved through I could see blood oozing out of the walls and ceilings dripping onto us. I saw the others covered in boils, but they were all oblivious to this. I even poked Teela to prove it, she was not happy about this! We carried on and as we reached the double corridors there was the sound of something moving. We prepared to defend ourselves and soon a headless corpse came into view. After a long battle it was finally dispatched by Mazlor’s Silver Mace. We suspected that while our normal weapons seemed to impact the corpse they did no real damage. The fight had taken us to the room with the locked wooden door, others noticed that the headless body previously seen there was missing – we knew where he was. Clearly something bad was happening, something was raising the dead………

Mazlor and Alana went off to their special area leaving the rest of us in the room, in here none of the darkness or other effects or illusions were noticed. Unfortunately as we sat and waited four weird worms appeared and attacked us – they had human like faces, ugh. These were quickly killed and after Alana and Mazlor returned we decided to head to the south and the crevice. We quickly set it up and descended to the room below. Interestingly enough all the bones had gone. We headed to the cave where we had previously killed the Ogre to explore it properly. In there we were a little surprised to find the Ogre standing there looking rather mean. Worse still behind him was a strange creature covered in spikes that seemed to be summoning creatures from a pile of bones, there were three hideous things coming out of the ground. Teela and myself fired Magic Missile at the spiked creature and managed to take it down, it fell to the ground and started to burn. It was about this point poor Mazlor discovered that the Ogre’s attack had an added effect, it caused temporary paralysis. We also discovered normal weapons had little effect on these creatures, Holy Water, Oil and silver were all we could use. eventually we killed all the creatures. We noticed the spiked creature was still burning, we tried to put it out with water, nothing happened so we dug around Mazlor’s backpack for some Holy Water. This did the trick, the creature totally disappeared.

Exploring the cave further we saw that there were no other exits, dog size holes were found in the walls that looked like they led to small tunnels. Deciding there was nothing else here we decided to explore the strange tunnel were the water heads uphill. Our rope from the previous visit was still there. Irem went up and moved up the tunnel, suddenly two cross-bow bolts went flying over his head and two heads ducked back behind the corner ahead. Calling back he decided to charge before they could reload. The rest of came up the rope, Teela, Oliphas, myself, Mazlor and Alana. Irem went round the corner and found himself facing more than he bargained for, instead of two cross-bow men he found them guarded by four strange looking goblins with shields and swords. The battle was not too long and they were quickly killed, Teela’s dog Culo, even helped out. After destroying the the goblins’ weapons we moved down the tunnel. After what seemed an age we came to a cave full of stalagmites and stalactites. We move cautiously through these and about 30’ in we found a wide fast flowing river cutting across the middle of the cave. The river was itself about 30’. In the middle of the cave the river did look passable by using the stalactites as hand holds. The first attempt by Teela was quickly ended when she was attacked by two centipede type creatures that were wrapped around one of the stalactites. I cast sleep on them and Teela came back to be healed. The new plan was for Irem to go across with a rope that would help the rest of us, we shone a light on the stalactites around him to spot any more creatures before they bit him.

We were all soon across and about 30’ ahead of us was the cave wall. Two tunnels could be seen N and NE. We decided to take the N one. We had not gone very far when we tripped an alarm wire sound a crude alarm of rocks in cans! We moved back to the cave and decided to defend each of the entrances. We could here movement donw both. Out of the N one came 4 huge rats followed by about 3 strange looking goblins, then out of the NE tunnel came more of them. It quickly became apparent that there were more behind them in each tunnel. The ensuing battle was frightening. I cast sleep on the rats and the others battled the goblins fiercely, however, we seemed to be on the losing end as more kept appearing. Suddenly out of the NE tunnel came two huge goblins followed by an even larger one, carrying a staff. These large goblins were hideaous and covered in boils and sores. As we were beating a retreat I saw the largest goblin point his staff at me. The next thing I knew I was on the other side of the river surrounded by the rest of the group, all of us looking the worse for wear, Oliphas particularly. On the other side the goblins were shouting and jumping up and down. We headed back down the tunnel towards the opening. There were no signs of pursuit, but we didn’t want to take any chances. We made it back to the room under the crevice and climbed back up, as we left that room we did hear some shouting from back in the cavern. We quickly returned to Enonia, even though it was late, nobody wanted to stay outside the city that night.

Strange days indeed
There’s dragons over Enonia, and I ain’t too surprised

[Jorann, Mazlor, Alana, Kee, Treen, Oliphas, Irem]

Tis been quite some time, that I hath ventured out of Enonia and St Eggyx’s Monastery not been my destination, but such was the case thrice these recent days. We requisitioned some riding horses for the entire company and equipped them fully.
[Adventurers only, not for the general public – Meantimes, Kee conversed with some elves, who expressed their concern over the Chaos beyond the Monastery Door and desire to examine it in person. While we respect their knowledge, we possess some mistrust of their ability to refrain from assuming a domineering role. We have taken their request into future consideration.]

On what was to be our first foray, the sky stormed and crackled with eerie, unnatural light, terrifying the populace and reminding all of the pyrotechnics preceding the Fall. We aborted our plan readily and remained entrenched in our (comparatively) warm and dry abodes.

Days hence, upon our actual exit, the horses grew steadily more unhappy as we made East down the road. I had held out slim hope that they were perturbed by the Trollkin shadowing us, but, alas, this was not the case. As we approached the clearing of the Inn, we halted and Irem scaled the mightiest tree available. He spied nothing, but claimed a disturbance in the air above. Our minds turned to the Dragon of Enonia and we determined not to chance our luck by proceeding into the open. Oliphas made claim that, as we turned tail and retreated West, he spotted the Dragon landing in the clearing. Whilst I would like to believe twas merely his imagination, my heart tells me it was not.

Yet again, we waited and made another effort. The horses were untroubled and we made to nearly the Inn without incident. There we heard a cacophony of squeaking and chirping, which sent us into the woods to circumvent it. We were relieved to be unmolested as we emerged from the forest and headed Northwest. Near day’s end, we came to an abandoned road, leading to a structure. We detoured into a patch of woods for the night and advanced in the morn.
It was a crumbling remain of perhaps a villa, with tall grasses all ‘round. Our approach startled some silent humanoids in rags, who fled back into the rubble. Despite being wary of The Damned, we hailed our peaceful intent, and with much caution, eventually made our way into their midst. A few of the poor wretches managed to explain that they were refugees from an orcish camp to the southeast! The main points of their sad and halting narrative were that they were grossly mistreated slaves. The orcs were doing much building and planning. There is something that the orcs feared, and during a battle with it/them, these brave souls made their escape.
We tended to them as best we could, binding wounds and lending spare clothing. Most of all, they ate and drank in a fashion that would make a brood sow look finicky and trepidatious by comparison. In a few days, we had escorted them back to the civilization of Enonia.
We arrived just in time to join in the tail end of a raging battle. A creature, looking for all the world like a garden slug grown the size of a small house, was surrounded by guardsmen. It was gutted not long after our arrival. None volunteered to explore the tunnel from whence it had burst out.

Our third excursion took us back to the villa rubble, where hours of diligent searching rewarded us with some trinkets of modest value. We reckoned it relatively safe, given the refugees’ survival, so we bedded there, travelling to the holy place Jorann sought in the morn.
It was another nearly demolished structure, but for a lone, tall intact tower remaining. Nothing of note was to be found, save for a great quantity of broken glass upon the ground and an altar at the pinnacle. Jorann gathered some lights and performed some rituals the next day and was granted with vision of a few local features – primarily two small hamlets and a mountain range.
On the return, we peeked into the Inn clearing for hints of the earlier noise, and found desiccated carcasses of cattle, one with a melted stump in stead of a head. We pondered whether perhaps the Dragon had brought them here or the goblins inhabiting the Inn had supplied them, deliberately or otherwise. No matter the case, the Inn becoming a way station for the Dragon would be a most inopportune development.
I also sounded a call on the tin whistle and received what seemed a match in the far distance. We were not of a mind to travel that far, nor did the Trollkin intercept us as we returned to Enonia.

[Personal journal only – I am of conflicted feelings about the final portion of our adventure. Certes, I have no doubt that the Light is true and good. Tangorin represents a competing faith, which could draw worshipers away from the Light. Yet, we know not the True Nature of the Light or from whence its power springs. Perhaps all which is true and good is shined upon by the Light, and individual gods, when righteous, merely represent another way in which the Light reveals itself? I shall meditate considerably upon this point.]

Beacon of the Light