The Chronicles of Etinerra

Camping and Fishing by the Lake
At the Church of the Light in Enonia...

“I’m truly sorry, as I say, Deacon,” Ashaziel says apologetically to the frumpy, balding priest of the Light, “Burlok was a truly brave and pious man, and we are all sad to lose him.”

Ashaziel, a local peasant in his early 30’s, brushes his hand back over his forehead, all the way back through his mid-length long hair and finally stopping at the back of his neck, as if the act will help him draw forth his memories. “He was new to town and looking for a bit of adventure I think, you see… not that he didn’t enjoy his life at the church, he always spoke well of it and especially the good cleric Mazlor… and ever since I lost my mentor, Asgrim, I’ve felt it was time for me to be striking out on my own, but I’d never gotten up the nerve. So, in a way, Burlok is to thank for our leaving town in the first place.”

“Not that Burlok was inviting the tragedy that followed… He seemed to enjoy life, and certainly had a fine taste for, erm… strong spirits. But for some reason, he found my stories about all of the kinds of fish I’ve managed to catch at the local pond as a bit boring, though I can’t imagine why. At any rate, Grel the holy warrior and a fellow named Tip that also knows how to handle a blade had been planning on going out to take a look at that Crystal Lake that half the town seems to be talking about, so it seemed a great time for Burlok and I to join them.”

“Of course, we might have had to call off the whole thing if Kallista hadn’t just returned from deep in the Kingdom. Where the rest of us were down to our last coppers, and couldn’t afford the woolens we’d need to keep ourselves warm from the cold fall weather quickly coming on, Kallista had a nice pouch of gold and agreed to lend us the funds to get the necessary gear. She even hired a fighting man named Parix to come along, who seemed to me slightly… bloodthirsty. He scared me a bit.”

“At any rate, things were fine at first; we camped north of the old Inn our first night out, and the only thing strange we ran into the next day was a circle of trees that seemed to have grown extremely close together. Kallista investigated, and said that she heard a cranky voice say something like, ‘I can hear you but can’t see you’ when she got close. Since it seemed that we weren’t going to be invited in, we moved on.”

“That’s when tragedy struck. We saw what looked like a group of small statues standing in the distance but was in reality a large group of animated zombie corpses of ko-balds. Asgrim had told me of such things, but they were truly gruesome. Before we knew it, Burlok and Parix were down, and their flesh was being feasted upon. We fell back, and fortunately were fast enough to stay ahead of them far enough to set traps for them with oil and fire. Eventually we whittled down their numbers until my friends could finish them off with steel, and so we had won… or so we thought.

“The lake itself seemed placid and there were buildings to provide shelter when we arrived, but we wanted to explore the nearby cave we had heard about. Unfortunately, shortly after going in, the resident LIVE ko-balds didn’t seem too eager to let us pass. Instead, they wanted food, and our 2 days’ rations apiece wasn’t enough; they demanded ‘many much more’ of it, so I suggested we do what I do best… go fishing.”

“Fortunately, the lake is well populated with fish and a simple enchantment into the water put many of them quite asleep, and we were able to gather them into one of our bags. This seemed to do the trick with the ko-balds, and we made a rough agreement in which we would fill the bag again for them each time we wanted to pass.”

“Luckily, we were able to find some valuables further on into the cave, if for no other reason than to allow us to pay the toll sir Reynald has imposed to allow us back into town! Not so luckily, we were attacked at night on the way back here by the skeletons of the very undead that we thought we had destroyed! Being only 4 of us left, we ran away, then ran away some more! Luckily again, we were able to go back and recover our valuables the next morning.”

“So, as I say, we are sorry about the loss of Burlok. He was a fine drunk, er, cleric, and was a fine example of the best of the Church of the Light…”

Ashaziel’s rambling tale trails off, as he realizes that the Deacon he was been talking to has fallen asleep.

Cull the forest and some strange creatures
An excert from Treen's journal

We assembled an interesting party, 3 thieves, a cleric and apprentice, a ranger, a druid and myself. We headed out of Enonia towards the Monastery. On the way we hailed the Striped Mage and this time he came down to see us. He seemed even crankier than usual; seems the Chaos followers have been bothering him. We told him about the forest room with the pillar and that sparked his interest, the pillar is some form of power cylinder. He would not elaborate more on what it was or could be used for, but he strongly suggested we did not mess with it. He refused to recharge my wand, suggesting instead I go to Irecia and study…. alright for him he can just float over the Orcs!

We carried on into the monastery to find Mazlor’s glyph had been tripped. There were a few remains of Chaos followers, nothing of value remained on them, which was somewhat disappointing to Kallister, Tip and Tobias.

As we did not have Mazlor or his ‘keys’ with us we had to take the long way round to reach the area of the forest. We got to the cavern with the raging river without incident but here we met a large number of the followers, with them were two magic users, seemed to be clerics. We made short work of them, sleep spells always works in these situations, unfortunately Cujo did take a lethal hit, a sad day for Jorann.

We proceeded through the caves to the river landing and boarded the boats, interestingly the band of thieves stayed together……. We explained to them that this ride may seem a bit weird but not to worry we would be with them all the way.

We made it all the way to the forest room without seeing anything but when we opened the door we were assailed by a disgusting rotten smell. The plants we had hacked before were decomposing, which was good news. We followed the path, Tobias went on ahead. He had slipped on one of the cloaks we had taken from the mob earlier, hoping this would provide him some protection. As we reached the Northern corner of the path we heard him scream and he was running back towards us. What followed was a strange site. A purplish flying creature with no wings appeared, an organic body grafted onto some metallic plate. There were mechanical and organic arms flailing, a strange chattering/shimmering/hissing sound emanated from it. I fired a magic missile at it and caused some damage, but it looked like it passed through some kind of shield. Dargellon’s first arrow bounced off the metal body. The sound changed and we saw a glow from the organic hand followed shortly by an arc of flame. We were all caught in the blast and suffered some damage. Dargellon fired another arrow, this one was true and the beast exploded, the mechanical parts falling to the ground. We examined the remains and found the mechanical arm to contain a poisoned needle.

Tobias had gone to the door, the rest of us proceeded to destroy the remaining plants, but after the first pulse of magic both Kallister and Tip decided to leave and join Tobias. Dargellon, Jorann, Ceresai and myself remained. We did manage to clear the remaining plants, no more mutants coming from this field!

We headed back to the door expecting to find the three other there when we heard sounds of battle coming from some distance off. When we reached the corridor we saw it was coming from the other end and floating there was another one of those purple tripods. We planned an ambush by the door, but it went the other way, we guessed Kallister, Tip and Tobias were the focus. We ran up the corridor and later found that the three of them had been having some fun. Kallister and Tip had stumbled upon a ritual involving a huge and heavy symbol of the three fingers. Tip had killed the leader with what looked to be a clean, powerful strike to the neck – the head was lying some distance from the body. They then killed the other three, who strangely did not attack them but did keep pushing this symbol at Kallister. Tobias had taken a serious blast from the tripod and was unconscious, but looked like he would recover.

Kallister had been removing the gold covering from the symbol, there was a considerable amount of gold and this would not be a quick task. I stayed to help her while the other explored the area, suddenly they returned and Dargellon was not looking good. He was pale, shaking and had malodorous pus and blood oozing from a rent in his right arm. The door to the North contained some ugly creature that had attacked them when the door was opened, fortunately it was chained to what looked like an alter, so could not follow them.

I poured a vial of Holy water on Dargellon’s wound but this had no effect. Kallister dug out two scrolls they had found and handed them to Jorann but there was nothing of benefit. We decided to head back to Enonia as quickly as possible and take him to the Temple.

As we entered the room of statues we found ourselves confronted by another group of followers, we dispatched them quickly, my sleep spell and Jorann’s hold significantly evened the odds. We bound one and took him captive. The remainder of the journey was long and uneventful, we tried to be gentle with Dargellan as we hauled him up and down the dungeon. He could walk but was unable to climb.

Darellon was clearly getting worse all the time. As we passed the Fountain of the Light we stopped to see if this would help. There were obscene symbols surrounding the entrance and several red candles burning in front of the door. Mazlor is not going to be happy. Ceresaii decided to kick them out of the way, unfortunately he tripped a glyph and was knocked unconscious, these followers have some serious magical powers among them. Drinking the water did seem to give Dargellan more strength. He plunged his arm into the fountain and the wound was cleaned and healed, however, the real damage could now be seen. The disease was spreading through his body and looked to be killing his flesh as it went.

We left the Temple and pushed through the night arriving at Enonia exhausted about 4am. We hurriedly explained the situation to the guard, who let us pass so long as someone stayed and explained what we had brought back, Jorann and his apprentice volunteered!

We did get Dargellon to the Temple and Averin did heal him and ordered several days rest for full recovery.

These followers are growing in number and the tripods are not easily defeated. The power cylinder may be a key but the Striped Mage warned not to mess with it, we have some serious thinking to do……

Sad loss
Extract from Treen's journal...

There is so much happening in my mind everything is jumbled, we sadly lost a member of our party during this adventure. Tobias met a terrible end, but it was so because of his courage and character. He met his end scouting ahead to make sure we were not walking into a hornets nest.
Considering his previous exploits one would think him invincible, alas that was not the case.

A group of us set out to find the elusive druid grove but as we approached the place of the inn we found a lot of activity, the Goblyn and Orcs were building a fortification. We camped and Tobias decided to go scouting. He came back some time after with four human captives who we fed and somewhat healed. In the meantime we had taken out a Goblyn patrol.

Seems like Tobias freed the captives by collapsing a roof on some Orcs – wish I had seen that….

We returned to Enonia with our friends, learning they came for a village to the North. They had been attacked by Goblyns and forced to flee, one wished to return to see if there were any left. After some rest we headed North about two days later we approached the outskirts of a hamlet.
Tobias went forward and scouted, he did nt return when we expected. We waited a while longer and then approached the hamlet. The sight was not pleasant, in front of a barn were the remains of Tobias, given the beetles we came upon I can only hope he was dead before they started feasting.

We destroyed the beetles and found nothing else, although the member of the hamlet did express his gratitude for saving his and his companions’ lives.

We returned to Enonia and rested.

Some time later we headed East to find the grove, despite the lack of solid information we did find it. Some members of the party had a terrible time and found themselves being flung through the air, but Ceresaii was happy!

We thought about attacking the camp by the inn, but decided against it, instead Dargellen found signs of a patrol and we thought that would be a worthwhile target. We tracked them and thought we had the advantage, unfortunately we were wrong, they turned the table son us in the woods.
We did eventually win, but there were some serous injuries to our party, fortunately no more deaths. We tended to our wounded and made haste back to Enonia.

We have told Renauld of our findings and it seems that he may be taking them seriously ( he paid us a pittance for the information… ), we shall see.

These developments to the East are troubling, if the Goblyns and Orcs establish a base so close we are in for some rough times, the Troll may be our only hope to stem the tide, but I fear we have tread a path past him that will be discovered.

Troll 2, Adventurers 0

‘Tis at times like these, I feel like a man thrice my age.

It began when Enonian Leadership developed a burr under their saddle with regards to the Bridge Troll. So great was the reward promised that a pack of townsmen who lacked a sense of their own limitations charged headlong into oblivion.
The desire to rid Enonia of this longstanding thorn even spread to a few of my comrades. I argued strenuously against such a venture with a thrust of three prongs. Firstly, that we had no ethical grounds for killing a sentient creature that preyed not and made no demands on humanity, save to be left alone, within the sanctuary of his home. Secondly, that such an assault risked the enmity of his offspring. And, lastly but not of least import, I judged the odds of success perilously close to equal in both directions.

I was certain that sentiment had been turned from such a course of action, but, alas, such was not the case. Upon assemblage, fever to best Father Troll reemerged and spread like wildfire. I could not countenance such an endeavor and so declined to participate.

Those who did wert not to be seen again, save for distant sightings of their lonely heads resting upon stakes.

Treen – The most promising fledgling wizard I have yet seen on the Eastern Borders. Truly I believe she was on the cusp of significant power and, viewed through the prism of tactical value, her demise was the single most costly loss of the day.
Dargellon – Though we were opposed in judgment with regards to Father Troll, his courage and martial prowess needs be respected, and I am proud to have fought alongside him on many occasions.
Harold Trotter – The enigmatic Littleling hath been exploring beyond Enonia even longer than myself, which can be said by few. To where and for why he would vanish for long periods was unbeknownst and may forever remain that way. ‘Tis also a pity that we hath no remaining allies amongst the Little Ones.
The remainder – Kallista, Zandalfar, Kalvin of the Eye, and Sofie – were largely unfamiliar to me, all save Kallista being newcomers to the area.

One hopes that the fates of these heroes and hopefuls will not quash the slow trickle of talent into Enonia.
Perhaps more will emerge.
Perhaps when spring returns.
But for now, the list of adventurers is limited and likewise my zeal for seeing lives risked.

Beacon of the Light

Beláldur's Take

I’m a long way from the sea, and I miss it more than ever. The humans have a growing problem with orcs; they’ve been claiming more lands and fortifying them. In days past, we elves would simply gather 10 or 20 elite warriors and clear out the infestation, but that ship sank long ago.

My companions from town seem capable enough, although some seem a bit cowardly at times – you’ll never reach your destination if you’re too afraid to set sail! There’s been no sign of my Grandfather’s bow or the goblins that took it, but I’m anxious to see this monastery I keep hearing about with the “strange goblins” in it. I wonder if they’d be willing to go there with me?

Grel's log
Spring in Enonia

Spring has come to Enonia again, and I find myself increasingly worried for the fate of Enonia.
Yesterday, I went adventuring with a few of my new companions, i.e. Jakar, Beladur and Ostlen.
We had decided that with news of sir Reynauld’s defeat at the hands of the orcs, and of the strange exploding orcs, we felt it would be a good idea to scout out the monastery ourselves.
We also decided that while we were out in that general direction we could find out if there was any truth to the bakers tale of a new shrine north of the monastery.
Our initial talks with Yinnivax and sir Reynauld were not too informative, so we took the baker and set out to find the shrine first. This proved to be fairly easy, as the baker did seem to be called by a goddess. From speaking with the baker and Jakar, it appears that this goddess is Mesha the bringer of seasons.
While I did not feel any evil coming from the shrine, I did not feel any particular welcome and felt it would be prudent to remain outside of the shrine as I did not want Tangadorin to feel any displeasure with me entering a shrine to another deity.
It has been in my mind lately that the more we learn about the Doom, the more it seems to be connected with the end of worship of all other deities . Was it the Doom that stopped this worship, or was it the end of worship that caused the Doom?
Either way, it seems to me that with these deities returning, perhaps there is hope yet that the Doom can be reversed.
Anyway, we left the baker to find his own way home, as it would be far more dangerous to accompany us while we set off to scout the monastery. Our timing was fortuitous as when we arrived the remaining orcs were in battle with two giant wasps. With a little help from my companions and the exploding orcs, the wasps were soon victorious.
With no sign of any remaining orcs, we set out to explore the monastery. However, we only got through one chamber and were on our way to the stone fountain, when I was suddenly seized by a dreadful feeling of chaos. Luckily, I was embewed with the light of Tangadorin both in my heart and in my trusty blade, and so was able to overcome this awful influence.
Then an evil voice called out to me entreating me to come play with it in the pond. My companions and I had too much information to pass on to Yinnivax and Reynauld to chance our death in the monastery. we felt it would be best to report that the monastery was no longer crawling with orcs, so that it could now be cleaned out.
WE returned to Enonia and reported to Yinnivax and suggested that we wouyld like to inform Reynauld. With yinnivax’s permission, we did just that. I also allowed him to copy Jorann’s maps of the monastery, for which he paid quite handsomely. I felt that anything we could do to help root out the chaos is worthwhile.
Meanwhile, I return to the temple to report to Jorann all that I have learned.

The Journey to Irecia

Adventure called once more, and I gathered with some of my fellow adventures to decide where we should go. There was much debate, I urged the party to go to the monastery to help Sir Reynauld capture the monastery, but I was outvoted, the party felt that the monastery was too dangerous and decided to go to Irecia instead.
While I knew that Irecia was far more dangerous, I did very much want to go there to see what was happening in that region. Also, I had it in mind that if we could find one of the damned from Irecia, I could cure him and find out what really happened.
Unfortunately, that was not to be. We set out for Irecia, myself Grel the Paladin, Beláldur, Jar’kar along with a few new adventurers, a fighter named Fergus, a littling named Balto, and a ranger named Ragar. It was not far past the bridge that we came upon a large battlefield. The ranger told us that there were about 50 orcs vs about the same number of humans. The humans clearly won! This was good news, but made us cautious.
We continued on our way and heard the approach of a patrol. We all decided to take cover to let them pass, but the monk decided to sit in the middle of the road on the assumption that he could befriend the orcs. Things proceeded in the expected manner and we soon found ourselves engaged in combat.
We killed eight of the ten orcs before the last two fled for safety. We took their horses and weapons and continued on. With them galloping toward the inn, we knew that they would be on high alert soon, so we proceeded through the woods and around the inn.
After a few days of healing, we were able to continue on toward Irecia. Soon after we left the woods, we heard the sounds of horses behind us. We galloped for about an hour then went off the road when we heard they were still coming.
We accidently came upon what turned out to be the tomb of Carmella the Brave, Queen of Irecia! We investigated but did not find anything of great interest. The monk was adamant that we should not disturb anything, and I had to agree it did not seem right to take anything. In the end, we left the tomb to continue to Irecia.
The rest of the journey was fairly uneventful. We came to the outskirts and detected Movement in the keep! We found a ruined village to hide the horses, and we three fighters stayed behind while the thieves and the monk scouted the area.
While we were waiting, two humans, members of the king’s guard, sprung up and spoke to the ranger and myself. They told us that they had captured the north keep, but that the orks held the other three. They were outnumbered and could not last long. Their leader Turgard urged us to take Woldred to the Marshal to beg for aid.
As there was little that we could do here, we gave Turgard what food we could, a suit of chainmail, and wished him luck. Then we headed back to Enonia.
The return was fairly uneventful with the exception of the dozen tents full of orcs that had sprung up just outside of the woods.
We returned to Enonia, and immediately reported to the Marshal everything we had learned. He seemed genuinely encouraged by the developments and indicated that he felt it was time to take the inn, if there was just some way to get inside. I brought out Jorann’s map and told him that I had heard that there were caves below, and I was almost sure that there was another entrance from below.
The Marshal charged me with finding this entrance!
We then went to Sir Reynauld and told him our story. He then explained that Carmella was his ancestor and that he, and the Duke, would be very upset if we had looted the tomb. Luckily, we had restrained ourselves and thus were clear of conscious.
Now I must speak with Jorann and all the other adventurers who had adventured in the inn. Hopefully I can find the information I need!

Meditations of Ja'Kar
Transformation of Drunken Fists into Righteous Fists

As I sit here and meditate I think on what my master told me.

Be like water making its way through cracks. Do not be assertive, but adjust to the object, and you shall find a way around or through it. If nothing within you stays rigid, outward things will disclose themselves.

Empty your mind, be formless. Shapeless, like water. If you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle and it becomes the bottle. You put it in a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Now, water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my

For the longest time I felt as if being the Drunken Fist was what he meant. Now I think different.

Events are changing.

Chaos and decay infect this world. The balance my order preached, is no longer in balance.

I remain true to myself, but I am now the water.

Mesha granted me an insight that I lacked.

That insight is the world is rotting. Orcs rule Irecia. Evil festers the soil. No one seems able or willing to do what is necessary to fight this.

Talk. Talk. Talk. That is what they choose to do.

Those who should lead, lead for their own glory.

Those who preach their faith, do so for their own glory.

Mesha is a goddess, this I know. What I do not know are her intentions.

The land is rotting. Chaos and doom abounds.

I will be the water. I will be the Righteous Fist.

Trip to Irecia
Balto's Journal

I joined a small group of adventurers planning its next move – to clear some monsters from a monastery? Look for a gold mine? Scout around the old inn in the middle of the Dalewoods? Or head east through the woods to Irecia, abandoned (with its treasures) to the beasts and Damned decades ago? We chose Irecia.
The party –myself, a fighter named Fergus, a roguish elf fighter named Beláldur, a paladin Grel, a monk Ja’kar, and a ranger name of Ragar – reached the bridge over the forest brook by midmorning.
Aware of the danger of the orc patrols, Ja’kar scouted ahead on the road while the rest of us faded into the woods to his south. I was pretty stealthy, so were Beláldur and Ragar, but Fergus and Grel made quite a racket. Pretty soon, Ja’kar called us back to the road, where we saw clear signs of a recent battle: branches down, grass torn by many hooves, dried pools of blood in abundance! Ragar told us it appeared aboiut 50 mounted orcs and 50 mounted soldiers from Enonia had clashed, and Enonia had carried the day.
We heard the drumbeat of hooves in the distance. No doubt an orc patrol, I was told – they ride out from the inn three times a day, in both directions. Most of us took to the woods south of the road and armed ourselves, but Ja’kar sat down in the road and began to meditate, bo stick across his knees.
When the orcs rode up, he offered a drink to them and was rebuffed. As one reached for him, he fought back. The rest of us then ambushed the patrol. I was pretty good with my slingshot – I missed once, maybe. I was too busy picking my targets to notice much what else happened but I did see Ja’kar pulp the head of one orc before braining himself with his bo stick. We did remarkably well, dispatching 8 of the 10 orcs, though Ja’kar and Fergus were injured. We collected the orcs’ weapons and armor (and heads, at Ja’kar’s insistence) and, mounted on captured horses, rode east.
We all slipped into the woods and worked our way around the inn. They were having some weird rally in there, all about killing and glory to their god. We had no trouble sneaking past that – even the humans would have had a hard time getting noticed in that din! Once well out of earshot, we made camp for a couple of days to rest and heal.
We rode out of the woods into a vast grassland – no buildings as far as the eye could see. We left the road to avoid the orc patrols and discovered a hollow with a pool of good water by a crumbling well. Why a well by a pond? Clearly, this required investigation. Fergus gave me a boost up so I could peer into the well – but I could see nothing. Ja’kar dropped a stone in and it hit something hollow. Beláldur climbed down to have a look – and part of the well wall looked odd to him. He started pulling out loose rocks and dropping them, which set off the spike trap on the floor, but no one was affected. Beláldur had opened a hidden passage into the tomb of Carmella, Queen of Irecia!
We wandered through this very odd tomb – not much of value there, and Grel and Ja’kar were watching to make sure nothing was disturbed. There was a chamber with mosaics of her life, a martial chamber with her armed and armored statue, her burial chamber, a chamber with 6 posing statues, and a chamber with a weird fountain with golden bowls and small sarcophagi. Beláldur confided in me that he was a thief as well as a fighter. We went up to make camp, and I arranged to be last out, taking a good look around.
We spent an enormous amount of time with that fountain, even staying over a day to refill it. It never seemed to do anything. Late that afternoon, we chose to push on, as our rations were getting short. We took a short detour to camp by Vanir’s Stone, carved with ancient runes in a language none of us could read. Early the next day, as we were breaking camp, a writhing mass of nasty, emaciated rats approached and we hightailed it out of there.
We soon reached the outskirts of Irecia. Not a structure was left standing – just burned and smashed dwellings and farm buildings among overgrown fields and orchards. As we moved into the suburban areas, things were a little better. There were a few surviving wooded areas. The area had been systematically burnt and wrecked, but the buildings here were more substantial and held up better. As we got closer to the city, Beláldur and I could see camps and movement around the keep guarding the West Gate. He, I, and Ja’kar made a stealthy reconnaissance and verified that orcs held the keep and the camp.
We’d left Beláldur, Fergus, and Grel at a ruined suburban villa. There, they were surprised by Wordred and Turgar, two of the King’s soldiers. These fighters had slipped away from the besieged keep by the North Gate to Irecia, hoping to bring relief from Enonia. They filled our party in on the general situation: Orcs held the East, West, and South Keeps and were trying to push into the City. Irecia is occupied by the Damned, and the orcs may have their hands full here. Still, the North Keep is hard pressed. We passed all the food we could spare to Turgar, who rejoined his men. Wordred rode back to Enonia with us to ask for aid.We dodged an evening orc patrol and made a rude camp in the grasslands.
The next morning, we broke camp early. By late that afternoon, we saw the woods on the horizon. The sharper-eyed of us also saw orcs making camp, so we detoured a bit south and entered the woods. We camped close enough to the road to hear the patrols – including one at midnight, which means the orcs patrol at least four times a day now. The next day, we passed the inn. The orcs were jumpy but not too alert, and we slipped past unnoticed. By midday, we made it to Enonia.
We attracted a lot of attention riding in, and the presence of one of the King’s men and the orc heads got us in to see the Marshall quickly. The Marshall was pleased and rewarded us for our victory against the orcs, but I stayed in the background – I never like to attract the eyes of the authorities. As it happens, he also let us know Queen Carmella was notoriously vain, and an ancestor of Sir Reynald and his brother the Duke. He arranged to have 40 men sent to the North Keep, to resupply or assist in a withdrawal. He patiently endured imprecations from Grel and Ja’kar, then explained how thinly spread his men were. He planned to move up an attack into the Wayfarer’s Inn – but knew a frontal assault would be costly. Grel produced a map of the caves under the Inn, which indicated a secret entrance, and the Marshall asked him to locate it and maybe bring a party in to clean out the dungeons and surprise the orcs.
The Marshall sent us on to Sir Reynald, preparing for a move into the haunted monastery. He also rewarded us, and invited us to join him in the attack. He confirmed the vanity of Queen Carmella, and warned us sternly that if anyone found their way to loot the tomb before we could head over and block it back up, he would blame our party. I trust if anyone did a little pilfering, he’ll be discreet.

Pyria's Memoirs
The Day I sold my Soul


Today was a turning point in my life, I sold myself into bondage to the Striped Mage for a few meagre spells.

The week had been promising, a group of us had searched for an entrance to the Inn to thwart the Orcs. Mazlor, Sal, Alana, Grel, Ja’Kar, Fergus, Balto and I walked through the woods in the rain and thunder to the clearing by the Inn. Using locate object Mazlor found a place we might enter, unfortunately it was close to the palisade. By observing the Orc patrols and waiting until dark we managed to gain entrance, while entrance may not have been the most elegant we all survived with nothing but a little battered pride.

We were distracted by a pool of clear water that had some selective healing properties allowing several Stirge to sneak up on us. Fortunately we managed to beat them off and heal our injuries, Clerics are wonderful companions. Our explorations continued, a couple of badgers proved annoying and there was a nervous time while Mazlor dropped into a coma after trying to speak to a corpse. Fortunately there was no lasting impact.

As we explored we found three potential entrances through the Inn into the camp, all were walled off but a good shove should clear the way. Continuing the exploration we came across a very old Kobold, who was definitely a few rations short of a meal, looking after a rat farm. He was harmless enough and provided a path out of of the labyrinth into the woods, a better way back in than the one we found.


We returned to the Enonia to report our findings to Yinivax but he had left with forces to free the Kings men. We found ourselves in front of the Marshall. We explained our findings and he formulated a plan of attack but needed some time to raise the forces. Reynald’s men were needed and we were dispatched with a letter to bring him back from the monastery.

Arriving we learnt that they had cleared the first level but were having difficulty with a headless creature. Given that it would take the Marshall some time to raise the forces we decided to stay and help with the headless creature. This is where my troubles began. I decided to see if the Striped Mage could help us, maybe give me some scrolls to help with the Orcs.

I called him and the next thing I know I am in a strange room with him. The room is somewhat chaotic, I soon realized why, he has no apprentice. Welcoming me he assumes I want to be his apprentice, we get over this misunderstanding and begin to discuss the affairs of the world. He tells me his previous apprentice Ro is responsible for opening the portal but is not strong enough to keep it open for a long time, the question is whether it is long enough to end the world? He tells me Ro is below and to close the portal he must be killed. As we discuss the state of affairs I learn the disturbing news that there are factions within my people who want to bring war with the humans, they think the conclave will not find the homeland and we should take what we can.

I steer the conversation back to the immediate problems of the Orcs to the East, The Striped Mage dismisses them, they are not the problem it is the portal and the Dark Forces coming through. Ro is struggling to keep the portal open but he may keep it open long enough. Nevertheless I asked for help, some scrolls to help with our plan to attack from inside and outside the Inn simultaneously. He asked what I had to offer in return, nothing right now was the answer.Unfortunately he saw things differently, he offered me the spells for the right to put a modified Geas spell on me compelling me to kill Ro and close the portal. What is a girl to do? Based upon what I know, this portal has to be closed or we all die, this way I get a few scrolls and perhaps a mentor with a vested interest in helping me, maybe even keeping me alive. Still, it does not sit well knowing you have little choice in what you do.