Irecia: Blue/White(silver) – Dragon erect: Azure, a dragon Segreant sinister argent (dragon erect, facing right, wings up, arms up, body coiled)
shield - Irecia

Elthest: Red/Black – per bend sinister gules and sable, a lion statant argent
shield - Elthest

Southron: Red/Blue/Gray – a chief tierced per pall cendree, gules, azure, a sword argent
shield - Southron

Pisces: Red/Yellow – Gules, a bend or, three fishes azure set in bend
shield - Pisces

Regnum: Purple/gold/Black – per chevron purpure and sable, a crown or
shield - Regnum

Corridin: Green/White – Vert flaunches argent a tree or
shield - Corridin

Occidens: Yellow/Green – Vert, a pall reversed or between two cross potent argent
Shield - Occidens

Dawn: Azure, A Bend Vert, three bezants in bend or
shield - Dawn

Marshal Roehm: Red/Green/White – a chief tierced per pall gules, argent, vert (but straight instead of a y)
Shields - Marshal Roehm

Southron Marshal: Per fess gules and azure, a saltire counterchanged
Shield - Southron Marshal

Shallam: Green/White – argent, a bend vert, three fusils in bend or
shield - Shallam

Enonia: Green/Yellow/White – per fess argent and or, three lozenges vert
Shield - Enonia

Skalfier – azure, a pale or between four fusils or
Shield - Skalfier

Reynald: Blue stripes on White Field – Argent Three Bendlet Azure.
Shield - Reynald

Marshal Reffyndi (Skalfier) – per pall reversed vert, vert and gules, a pall reversed or
Shield - Reffyndi


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