Kings Legions

For 20 generations, of which there were 32 Kings, the King’s Legion served proudly as the strongest and bravest warriors of the Kingdom. While one might expect that these were the coiffed and well-dressed princes that one would see riding in shiny armor around the countryside, nothing could be further from the truth. The Legion’s ranks were filled with some of the roughest, toughest, crudest and (in some cases) most bestial men imaginable. The leaders of the Legion, however, had one thing in common, moreso than any other soldier or Knight of the Kingdom – they had faced off against Mountain Ogres during campaigns or combats and survived.
- excerpted from ‘The Sithasten Mountains; A Retrospective’ – by Alyx Tel-thada, Written in year 1158 of the Kingdom

The King’s Legions are considered the finest warriors in the Lands of Men. Fanatically loyal to their brothers and to the King, these warriors have typically been the first into the field of combat and the last to leave. It is considered both an honor and a death sentence to be brought up to the King’s Legions. It is an honor as it marks the pinnacle for the professional arm of the armies of Man. It is considered a death sentence as the turnover rate and casualty rates of the Legions are quite high.

They are the best equipped of all the King’s forces and some of their weapons are legendary, including their massive longbows and two-handed great swords and battle axes. It is even said that some legion troops carried magical weapons enchanted by the mystics and mages in the King’s court.

What is not as widely known, or publicly acknowledged, is that the King’s Legions are often the worst of the worst. Little loved elsewhere in the professional forces (or mercenary troops), these men find homes and comfort with each other and under the close supervision of their superiors, often the most bestial or barbaric of them all. It’s not known why or how these men come to be the most feared and respected of all the armies of civilized races, but the fact is indisputable – the King’s Legions have never never retreated or routed, rather accepting annihilation than surrendering or fleeing the field of combat.

Kings Legions

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