Crystal Tower

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On the first day of Spring, 55AD, after a mighty and unnatural earth tremor, a floating crystal tower appeared, suspended over the treetops of the Dalewoods.

Rumors gripped Enonia about the tower. It was feared that the tower would threaten the town. Many believed it to be the work of The Striped Wizard, and boded ill for Enonia. It was conjectured that the tower arose from the Dalewoods Crystal Lake. However, over the course of the year, it drifted towards the Monastery of St. Eggyx and now floats above it, about one hundred feet off the ground. It is rumored that some adventures may have made it up to the tower, as has put it “The Striped Mage is not very friendly. Make sure to knock first.”

The Crystal Tower dissipated after the Striped Mage gave his life to close the Portal in the Monastery.

Crystal Tower

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