Duchy of Dawn

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The Duchy of Dawn was created in strife, and it may be ending its existence in strife.

The Duchy was created in 284 YK, after the War of Succession ended. After the rebel Duke Oscar Felix was killed in battle, the Southron Duchy was split in half and the Duchy of Dawn created for the Yuligan family, as a reward for them having remained loyal to the tradition of succession and the overall Kingdom.

At present, Dawn is still a duchy in name only, as it has suffered the largest brunt of Orc attacks and has lost the most territory and it’s ruling family. The Yuligan family had long held the Duchy, but in almost simultaneous losses, King Piotr Yuligan II died the same year as the Doom, and the Yuligan family was killed in an attack on Yuligans Keep in 6 AD.

Since then, towns and cities, including the city of Femo, have fallen to the Bestials. The Duchy of Pisces formed in the southern stretch of the Duchy of Dawn, breaking away under the protection of Duchess Caro Childress. The majority of the Duchy is lawless, with only pockets of civilization left around some of the major towns and the two remaining free cities: Ancturin and Reach. Both rely on trade with Elves and the Duchy of Pisces to help stave off the Bestials.

The Duchy is framed on the north and west sides by the Sithasten Mountains. Its eastern edge is the Reaches Seas and its southern border is currently the Foamflow River. It used to extend all the way south to the seas.

It is said that Dawn had been a sanctuary for runaway slaves from The Dark Ones. Ancturin is one of the oldest cities, comparable to Greyrock in age. It was first established by elves and slowly populated by humans as elves moved away.

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Duchy of Dawn

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