Five Year History Prior to the Doom

I present these few pitiful remnants of history only so that it is documented how the Doom fell upon us. History may judge us the fools for not seeing what was so plainly before us, or history may call us the victims of a cruel ambush by the forces of Chaos, lurking in the blackness of the night sky and Underearth. Regardless of how history judges us, the five years prior to the Doom had clues to our fate. – Priest Nickolus, Church of the Light, Befallion Temple

5 Years Prior

  • The great convergence of the planets as foretold by Elvish and ancient Human lore.
  • The Great Silver Sphere falls to the ground near the great Diamond City – Irecia. It is gathered by the scholars of Irecia to be studied.
  • The first recorded contact of a strange Orc religion in the depths of the mountain regions.

4 Years Prior

  • Irecian scholars call for a conference of arcane and divine masters to study the Silver Sphere.

3 Years Prior

  • Last recorded contact between Elves and Dwarfs in the Great Eastern Plains.

2 Years Prior

  • Upon the casting of great arcane spells, the Silver Sphere reacts and the subsequent explosion destroys a portion of the University. Study of the Sphere is discontinued.
  • The first recorded cases of the Damned, a strange disease or curse, are recorded in Valenia
  • First records of increased Goblin and Orc attacks on the Borderlands.

1 Year Prior

  • Irecia declares a quarantine of the city and surrounding villages due to the outbreak of the Damned.
  • Littleling clans close their borders with Human lands and sever most trading routes.
  • Several human religions declare conclaves to study what appear to ominous events – comets, strange portents.
  • First recorded attacks by strange sea-creatures upon coastal and island cities.

Year of the Doom

  • On first day of Spring, a meteor shower turns into a storm which destroys many cities and villages. The weather turns unnaturally cold.
  • The Bestials and other creatures from the mountains and wild-lands attack Human lands in all directions. Several cities fall within days. Strange magical weapons are recorded to have been used.
  • A volcano erupts near the island city of Ramathia. Huge earthquakes are recorded across the lands, including the Sithasten Mountains, causing untold loss of life.
  • King Theopold XXIV orders the Legions to “retreat and hold” at various strategic points across Human lands. The Great Exodus occurs from the abandoned borderlands into the Central Kingdom.

Five Year History Prior to the Doom

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