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Skalfier lies on the South coastline of the kingdom. A months travel on horse separates the port from the from the central kingdom. These days, people don’t recall much about the vast lands that Man once called “home”.

Skalfier is a cold, rainy, windy port town and it has suffered greatly from the Doom. When the beasts ravened from the mountains, the seas rose and strange creatures straight out of myth and legend to destroy the fleets and claim back the many islands that dot the seas.

Skalfier is made up of neighborhoods situated on a hillside overlooking the Southern Seas. The harbor area consists of many individual docks and piers. Two main roads serve the various warehouses, fisheries, fish mongers, incoming merchant ships and sailors who require services and lodging. Further up the hill lies the Old Walled City, the original area of Skalfier that still remains today. The Merchants Guild, Town Council and the more well-off citizens live and work here. The center of commerce is found in the Old Walled City, as is the Temple for the Church of the Light and three market squares. The rest of Skalfier is a hodgepodge of collections of houses, apartments, warehouses, storehouses and other buildings. The garrison from Skalfier Keep maintains several watch towers in and about the city.

Skalfier DocksSkalfier makes do with its small fishing industry, the little trade that merchants ply along the coast and it’s strategic location facing the West Seas, but it is a pale ghost of what it used to be. Piracy, depression and the lack of commerce have worn against Skalfier’s inhabitants and they huddle in their wood shacks and hope for a future and safety that is not coming from The Kingdom.

Still, there are those who see Skalfier as a port of opportunity. The legends tell tales of the great island port of Ramathia, lost when the lands cracked and the sky fell. A few days sailing to the southwest, but none, not even pirates dare go to that cursed place. The beasts and bestials continue to press from the mountains, leaving behind ruined lands, lost temples and places of secret.

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