The Eastern Borders Campaign

This is the home page for the tabletop Eastern Borders campaign.

The area that you find yourselves in is called the Eastern Borders. Once a rich, well populated farmland among hills and gentle valleys, this land now finds itself as the rough frontier. A small keep lies close to a farming town, Enonia. Once a rich and prosperous city, the Dark Age has reduced it to a shadow of it’s former self, one that scratches out a meager and rough survival, existing to support the keep and the farmers and townsfolk that remain.

The Lord of the Keep, Marshall Victor Roehm, huddles with his few troops. Barely enough to keep the beasts and bestials in check, the Lord prays to the Light with the Priests who keep watch over the people of the area. The Marshall struggles to keep the area around the towns, few farms and keep free of lawlessness, but not far beyond lies much to be retaken and rediscovered.

For a good starting point, go see the Background for The Dark Ages and the writeup on Enonia, which is the “homebase” for the PCs and adventures.

The houserules that are available for the Dark Ages can be found here.

Places of recent note:

(Large – towns, regions, sizable complexes)

(Small – single, simple structures or locations)

The Eastern Borders Campaign

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