The Line of Kings for the Lands of Men

0 YK – The Dark Ones are driven off, Men establish rule in the ruins
31 YK – King Elthest assumes the throne.
48 YK – King Elthest killed in combat. King Steven assumes the throne.
266 YK – King Iame II dies. Duke Oscar Felix attempts to take throne by force, leading to the War of Succession.
284 YK – War of Succession ends. King Elthest IV assumes the throne.
931 YK – King Felix III dies. King Kulkarin IV assumes the throne.
981 YK – King Kulkarin dies. King Velcivian I assumes the throne.
1156 YK – King Othar I dies. King Yuligan II assumes the throne.
1161 YK, 0 AD – The Doom of Man. King Yuligan II dies. King Felix V assumes the throne.
58 AD – current date of the kingdom

The Succession of Kings is based on tradition handed down since the humans overthrew the Dark Ones. A great Congress is called, attended by the Dukes and a selection by nobles and Marshalls. These Congresses pick the next King out of the current Dukes/Duchesses.

Only twice in history has succession been determined by force or threat of force. The first, in 266YK, resulted in a generation of war between the Southron Duchy and the other Duchies. This was called the “War of Succession.” After the rebel Duke Oscar Felix was killed in battle, Duke Thomas Elthest assumed the throne by the traditional means, as King Elthest IV. As punishment, the Southron Duchy was split in half and the Duchy of Dawn created for the Yuligan family, as a reward for them having remained loyal to the tradition of succession and the overall Kingdom.

The second incident occurred when the current King, King Felix V, is said to have pounced on the throne when King Yuligan II died. With the lands thrown in chaos as a result of The Doom, and with Southron troops occupying Regnum Central, the other Dukes conceded the throne.

The Line of Kings for the Lands of Men

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